1. Cheerag Nundlall

    Web server in Plesk onyx?

    Which web server to choose in Plesk onyx? and why? I am confusing about this :)
  2. Mujkanovic

    Where to buy Plesk license with cheap price?

    I want to buy Plesk license key with cheap price but need to buy from reliable providers. Can you suggest me some?
  3. OnaDavney

    Plesk or Directadmin?

    I can not go with cPanel because its price is expensive, I am considering between Plesk or Directadmin but not sure which one is better at this time? can anyone suggest me a good hosting control panel with high quality but good price?
  4. Jackwebs

    Is Plesk consuming too much RAM?

    I switch my websites from cPanel to Plesk Onyx but when I checked free - m, I saw my server is using 90% of RAM while with cPanel my server just used around 70% to 80% of RAM. Is Plesk consuming too much RAM?
  5. djsmiley2k

    Automatic backup in Plesk?

    Can you tell me how to backup data in Plesk? should I use server disks to store data or a cloud storage?
  6. Chris Worner

    Secure Plesk Onyx?

    How can I Secure Plesk Onyx? My server is running Plesk Onyx is under a DDos. I am looking for way to secure it or install CSF for Plesk but I don't see extension in Plesk. Which one would you recommend?
  7. BillEssley

    How to install iconv for plesk onyx?

    I have easily install iconv for cPanel using Easyapache 4 in WHM/cPanel but I couldn't find a way to install iconv for plesk onyx. Does anyone help me? or tell me the command to install this via SSH?
  8. Chris Worner

    How to access webmail in Plesk Onyx?

    I created my first emails in Plesk Onyx but I don't see links for access webmail. Where to get it? any help?
  9. Chris Worner

    Email settings in Plesk Onyx?

    I have just installed Plesk Onyx, it run pretty good and I could create an email for my domain there but I don't see where are email settings for my email? how to set email records in my DNS section in my domain like I did with cpanel? for examples, I want to create MX, SPF, Txt records...etc
  10. BillEssley

    Best web hosting to run Plesk Onyx?

    I am going to have a new server that run Plesk Onyx because I saw this control panel is low price and easy to set up and use. What is the best web hosting to run Plesk Onyx? which server specs should I consider to run Plesk Onyx best?
  11. J

    Plesk clean install - no access from outside computer

    I installed a clean onyx version of plesk on a VPS (Cent os 7.5). Everything works fine; however i cannot accesses the UI from outside my VPS.. any idea ahow can i fix this? any help highly appreciate.
  12. David Beroff

    How to enable file_get_contents in Plesk Onyx?

    My website requires file_get_contents to work but it is getting this error when I tried to with this command <?php ini_set("display_errors", "1"); error_reporting(E_ALL); echo file_get_contents(""); ?> Warning...
  13. David Beroff

    Where to change server time zone in Plesk Onyx?

    I have a VPS installed Plesk Onyx, I want o change server time zone for all websites but I think that need to change on the server than changing it on specific website. Can you guys help me to change server time zone in Plesk Onyx?
  14. H

    How to Backup Data using Backup Manager in Plesk 12 (Windows)?

    Steps to Backup data using Backup Manager in Plesk 12 (Window): 1. Login to the Plesk control panel 2. On the left-hand side menu bar, under Server Management select Tools & Settings 3. On the next page, select Backup Manager from the Tools & Resources section. 4. On the Backup Manager...
  15. Kaz Wolfe

    Which caching systems does Plesk Onyx support?

    I have a server running Plesk Onyx, I want to enable a caching system to speed up for my websites. Which caching systems does Plesk Onyx support? and how to install?
  16. Gmeister4

    Can I install Plesk Onyx on Centos 6 or 7?

    Which Os can I install Plesk Onyx? Is it possible to install Plesk Onyx on Centos 6 or 7?
  17. Emily Routledge

    How to secure Plesk login page?

    After installed Plesk onyx, do I need to secure for Plesk? for example, I need to secure Plesk login page or change port or something else to make my Plesk secure?
  18. David Beroff

    SMTP Host of Plesk Onyx?

    Can anyone tell me what is SMTP Host of Plesk Onyx? or ? Thanks in advance.
  19. David Beroff

    How to update Plesk Onyx?

    I have already installed Plesk Onyx on my server. It was a long time since I used. Now I want to update to the latest version of Plesk Onyx. How can I do that?
  20. Cheerag Nundlall

    Plesk key update deferral notification?

    Hello, My Plesk license is expired and I have not renewed it yet at this time, how can I disable email notification from Plesk? I often received emails like this: Plesk key update deferral notification Can anyone support me? Thanks