plesk onyx

  1. Mujkanovic

    Plesk Onyx vs Obsidian?

    I have just upgraded plesk onyx to plesk obsidian and this new control panel have more advantages over onyx. Did any one share any thoughts on plesk Onyx and Obsidian?
  2. Paul Wellner Bou

    How to create a CloudFlare SSL Certificate with Plesk Onyx

    CloudFlare is a free intermediate DNS service with CDN (Cloud Delivery Network) support. The CloudFlare intermediary server will process everything before sending requests to the server or returning data to the user. All traffic to your website will be routed through CloudFlare's intelligent...
  3. Paul Wellner Bou

    Does Plesk onyx disable email send out when license is expired?

    I am having a hosting using cPanel hosting control panel and when cpanel license (whm/cpanel) is expire, email send out service is disabled, I want to move my hosting to Plesk Onyx but don't know Plesk onyx disable email send out when license is expired or not?
  4. cplicense

    Buy Cheap Plesk License : Web Admin $7.7/mo | Plesk Web Pro $12/mo | Plesk Web Host $20.5/mo 18

    Do you use Plesk as the control panel to manage your websites or hosting services and have been paying for the full price? Wait no more! You can now subscribe for the same Plesk licenses with a discount of up to 40% from CPLicense.Net! Monthly Plans: Plesk Web Admin at just $8.5/mo (VPS and...
  5. Kaz Wolfe

    Setup dmarc, mx, spf dns records on Plesk Onyx?

    How can I find values of dmarc, mx, spf to setup on my DNS section for my domain name? using Plesk onyx and I don't see these infos on my hosting control panel.
  6. Cheerag Nundlall

    Web server in Plesk onyx?

    Which web server to choose in Plesk onyx? and why? I am confusing about this :)
  7. Chris Worner

    Secure Plesk Onyx?

    How can I Secure Plesk Onyx? My server is running Plesk Onyx is under a DDos. I am looking for way to secure it or install CSF for Plesk but I don't see extension in Plesk. Which one would you recommend?
  8. BillEssley

    How to install iconv for plesk onyx?

    I have easily install iconv for cPanel using Easyapache 4 in WHM/cPanel but I couldn't find a way to install iconv for plesk onyx. Does anyone help me? or tell me the command to install this via SSH?
  9. Chris Worner

    How to access webmail in Plesk Onyx?

    I created my first emails in Plesk Onyx but I don't see links for access webmail. Where to get it? any help?
  10. Chris Worner

    Email settings in Plesk Onyx?

    I have just installed Plesk Onyx, it run pretty good and I could create an email for my domain there but I don't see where are email settings for my email? how to set email records in my DNS section in my domain like I did with cpanel? for examples, I want to create MX, SPF, Txt records...etc
  11. BillEssley

    Best web hosting to run Plesk Onyx?

    I am going to have a new server that run Plesk Onyx because I saw this control panel is low price and easy to set up and use. What is the best web hosting to run Plesk Onyx? which server specs should I consider to run Plesk Onyx best?
  12. David Beroff

    How to enable file_get_contents in Plesk Onyx?

    My website requires file_get_contents to work but it is getting this error when I tried to with this command <?php ini_set("display_errors", "1"); error_reporting(E_ALL); echo file_get_contents(""); ?> Warning...
  13. David Beroff

    Where to change server time zone in Plesk Onyx?

    I have a VPS installed Plesk Onyx, I want o change server time zone for all websites but I think that need to change on the server than changing it on specific website. Can you guys help me to change server time zone in Plesk Onyx?
  14. Kaz Wolfe

    Which caching systems does Plesk Onyx support?

    I have a server running Plesk Onyx, I want to enable a caching system to speed up for my websites. Which caching systems does Plesk Onyx support? and how to install?
  15. Gmeister4

    Can I install Plesk Onyx on Centos 6 or 7?

    Which Os can I install Plesk Onyx? Is it possible to install Plesk Onyx on Centos 6 or 7?
  16. David Beroff

    SMTP Host of Plesk Onyx?

    Can anyone tell me what is SMTP Host of Plesk Onyx? or ? Thanks in advance.
  17. David Beroff

    How to update Plesk Onyx?

    I have already installed Plesk Onyx on my server. It was a long time since I used. Now I want to update to the latest version of Plesk Onyx. How can I do that?
  18. Kaz Wolfe

    How can Plesk Onyx stop DDoS attacks?

    I am running websites on Plesk Onyx but I am afraid my websites will be down if they are under DDoS attacks. How to integrate DDoS protection for Plesk Onyx?
  19. Bryan McClure

    Speed up websites running on Plesk Onyx?

    I have got a new server and just installed Plesk Onyx, its license is pretty cheap that's why I chose this hosting panel. I moved my websites and running them on Plesk Onyx, I heard that Plesk Onyx has many caching plugins which can speed up websites. What are they? Any recommended ways to speed...
  20. 24x7CSM

    Windows Cloud VPS with Plesk Onyx [Paid]

    24x7CSM submitted a new product: Windows Cloud VPS with Plesk Onyx - Windows Cloud VPS , Windows Server 2016 with Plesk Onyx control panel Read more about this product...