14 Tips for creating a perfect and high quality blog


Mar 7, 2015
Have you got a blog for yourself or thinking about creating a blog and some questions appeared in your thought like where do I start? which CMS should I use ?, how I write my articles?, How do I get visitors come to my blog and get it well know?
If it still have difficulty in finding answers for these questions then here's 14 tips for you to create the perfect and high quality blog.

1. Build blog in WordPress platform
WordPress was built as a platform to design for blogs. With over 28,000 plugins and more than 3,000 topics on their official directory and many more for sale online, WordPress is the market leader CMS . Do you think you will need another?

2. Using a domain name
You choose a domain for your blog, this step is very important, short, cachy and relate to your niche are a must, after you have a good domain, start working hard on it but don't forget to check its history because if someone has used it before or it blocked by google then I throw it away and choose another domain.

3. Protect yourself from spam and malware
To protect your WordPress blog well, you must install an antispam, firewall and antivirus plugin. You can get all three in one by using plugin like WP All in One Security & Firewall .
Keep updated WordPress, remove plugins that you don't use.

4. Customize your design
Nothing wrong with that you use a theme or template as the basis for your blog. It allows you to, among other things, saving valuable time on writing code, testing standards, etc.
But if you are not familiar with that. Make your own design. Colors, fonts, sizes, positions...All that you can vary only with CSS. If you can not write CSS, hire a developer or web developer . The investment will be worth it.

5. Do responsive design
It is increasingly more internet access via mobile phones and tablets. Are you going to risk prevent someone finding your article stop reading because the text is small on your smartphone? If I had read, can he liked so much that she had decided to share it on your website or on their networks.

6. Put your contact
At any website or blog must have a way to contact the owner or administrator so that visitors can submit questions, request information, make suggestions or complaints to report this particular fault in any web page or article blog ...

7. Monitors all visitors
Monitoring means to keep abreast of visitors who come to your blog or website, how long they stay in it, from where come and other data that will help you to know if you are following the proper dissemination strategy.
The leading monitoring tool is Google Analytics . With it you can get all these data quickly, simply and directly.

8. Create static menus
In addition to a timeline in which we have published articles are displayed in reverse chronological order, it is advisable to have a menu bar in which you can access pages with content unchanged. For example, a home page and a contact are essential.

9. Managing your users
If the project is yours, do not let anyone else available access keys for changing passwords and provide high and low to other users.
If the project is more than one person, obviously no choice but to trust and believe in the integrity of the other team members.

10. Don't forget to post more new content regularly
Ideally, at least one article published weekly, and if either 2 or 3, much better. The faster new items, more amount of content will be in less time and will generate combinations to increase the chances of appearing in Google search results are published and generate backlinks .

11. Optimize SEO for each article you write
Each time you publish a new article do not forget to optimize to improve the chances of appearance in Google search results: writes a good title and description and sure to be indexed by search engines

12. Place keywords in all your articles
Related to the previous point and the SEO, it is important that the content of each of your articles, use of more frequently than other words the terms with which you intend people to find your article on Google.

13. Write for everyone
write for everyoune first before thinking about write for search engines, it's best way to get more shares and increase rankings for your articles on search engines

14. Listen all comments
Always listen all your comments, ready to improve your blog if you get more good suggestions which you need to improve on your blog. It's one of best method to reach to a quality blog.

What are your tips to add to my list and make a successful blog online? I'd like to hear your shares


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Mar 9, 2015
I think the most important step (and I'm by no means a blogger) is to actually produce quality content. There's no doubt that it needs to be visually appealing, and that you need to optimize it for traffic - but for anything other than crawlers to actually read your blog, you need to make sure you can be just as proud of your content as you are of everything else. Quality over quantity - ensure you actually have a meaningful and ongoing subject/category before you start it.

Good read!
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