1. R

    Which is the best hosting for tech blog?

    I am already using Digital Ocean. I am starting a new blog and want to try a new host. Which is the best alternative to Digital Ocean
  2. Hyperactive35

    Hello Everyone! I am new here :)

    Looking to learn more about web hosting and WordPress here:)
  3. manoaratefy

    [FREE] Submit your webhosting review on a review blog

    I currently need some review posts on my website to make it more SEO friendly. So I give you opportunity to post for free on it. Note that all requests will not be systematically accepted, I'll only accept when written and unique content, with releavant content. I do not provide writting...
  4. Ash Blog/Forum For Sale

    I am open to offers for The domain will be expiring next month (14th of August 2019) and is registered with NameCheap. I have included some screenshots below of Analytics and all-time AdSense earnings. Keep in mind that this is with almost no promotion other than simply...
  5. szac

    Does that make sense? machine translation + subforums/categories with different languages ?

    Can i use machine translation depending on the location and at the same time create local subforums/or and blog category for different regions / languages? Doesn't one exclude the other and is it better to choose either separate forums or the translation of everything from auto-translation? What...
  6. Chris Worner

    Do you need a blog for your website to help SEO?

    I am building a new website and curious that do I need to add a blog for it and writing articles to help SEO better? What are your ideas?
  7. D

    How to do WordPress blog Integration on Magento

    I am a bit new to Magento and I have been following this blog on Magento integration with WordPress but still confused, need help
  8. 56ajjusingh

    What are some web hosting blog who accept article from guest authors

    Hello I am looking for guest posting blog. I have lots of quality article on trending topics which are accept guest article and give backlink? My article are related to web hosting and digital marketing industry. You can also suggest us new headlines to our writers.
  9. Gmeister4

    Personal vs Brand Blog

    Hi website owners, This is my first time here and although I have a fair bit of knowledge in the industry (I work for a CPA advertising company), I am making my first steps towards building my own online business. I am looking to gain authority in my niche. I have a lot of knowledge in the...
  10. DaRecordon

    How to find out which images my Wordpress blog didn't use?

    I have a Wordpress blog and it is duplicated from an existed site, after that I changed more things on it but when site is pusblished for a long time I remembered that I did not delete images on old sites. Now number of images in "uploads" folder in my new wordpress blog is very much, it has GBs...
  11. David Beroff

    Has anyone had success with voice to text writing instead of typing out your blog posts?

    Do you use voice to text writing for blog posts? I saw some apps or software for this If you used, do you have more success with them? I believe speaking is faster than typing and one can get more done with it. I like writing my own blog posts but typing is taking too long. I've explored...
  12. Chris Worner

    Website with or without a blog?

    I am developing a new website and I am just curious if I need to have a blog for it (where I will share tutorials or blog posts) What is benefit of having a blog on our website? A website should have a blog or not? Any comments?
  13. Dr. McKay

    Are comments necessary for blog posts?

    I am considering to disable comment function on my blog that will make visitors can not comment on my blog posts because I see that there are many spams came from comments and it took me more time to moderate. Do comment have any benefits for blog posts and they are necessary for blog posts?
  14. Emily Routledge

    Difference between article and blog post?

    Can you guys tell me what is the difference between article and blog post? I could not distinguish this and needing someone explain me :(
  15. Lissiel

    What blog site do you recommend for beginners?

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie here in this lovely forum. I Just want to ask for your recommendation of what website is the best to start blogging? And if you could share tips as well? Especially on promoting your blog. Your reply will be much appreciated. Thank you so much.
  16. Webhost_Allie

    Blog and Ads Customization Tools Suggestions

    I'm just starting out on a new blog catering to a particular niche who are mostly mobile users. So I'm looking for some tips or tools for blogs and ads customization for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. What tools can you recommend for starters? How was your experience using...
  17. Bryan McClure

    Best way to get early readers for a blog?

    I would like to hear what your favorite marketing campaigns are for getting your first 100 or 200 readers/subscribers with zero budget. Any tips or tricks can help! I am currently just posting on Facebook but would like to expand and have some fun trying other networks :).
  18. john-mth

    Which plugin will be good to load blog website fastly?

    Hello, Which plugin will be good to load blog website fastly? Thanks
  19. trendjing

    The best platform for a blog?

    Right now, I want to check out which platform I could use for me to start a blog site. I want to create blogs that pertains to life, travel, and food. I have been checking out on Weebly and Wix lately, and find out their differences, yet I am still undecided. Can you suggest on which is easy to...
  20. trendjing

    Blogger or Wordpress for a blog?

    I love writing and posting pictures at the same time. I have blog posts on both domains, however, I discontinued for a moment, thinking I might post the same content on my blog which will confuse my readers, and which I suppose leads to lesser monetization. I'm also wondering which one should I...