12 Types of Pages You Should Have on Your Wordpress blog


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Feb 3, 2013
Do you think you are having all pages that they are necessary for your readers or visitors need to know your information on your wordpress blog?
Here are 12 types of pages you should have on your Wordpress Blog if you are using a blog or even a website that selling products or services on it.

1/ Home - It is the first page displayed when someone accesses your blog URL (home). Usually includes short excerpts from the latest blog articles and anything else you want. Can you configure the settings of WordPress theme and any widgets defined.

2/ About us - This is the page that will tell you who you are, how the project started the blog and you want to do away with it. You can include your story here and introduce some personal details about you showing that you're a real person like where you live, hobbies, etc.

3/ Contact page - Contains your contact information such as email address, link to your profile on several social networks where you can be contacted if you want to publish include email address and phone number. You can optionally include a contact form by readers to send a message directly on this page.

4/ Products and services page - If you have products/services, this is a page that it shows all providing links to each product page.

5/ Advertising page - Contains data on your blog, who is asked, what kind of advertising you accept, prices if you want to publish, any discounts if you have and ways to be contacted for advertising.

6/ Archive page - The page that displays the archive with articles published before. A WordPress theme can recreate or use special plugins for it (eg Archives and Compact Archives )

7/ Guest post page - If you accept to publish blog posts written by someone else this is the home of the conditions under which accept such materials. you can offer it on this page.

8/ Category - It is the page that displays the contents of a category or tag (items included there). Its appearance is defined by WordPress and theme settings are not usually the subject. One can customize with a dedicated plugin like WP Custom Category Pages.

9/ Subscription page - It is one of the most important pages, is devoted subscribing via email. In addition to standard ways that we offer visitors to leave their email address to subscribe to your blog (widgets, pop-up) subscription page (Subscribe) is a page dedicated to this aspect.

10/ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - A list of the most common questions we've received and the response to them (especially if you have products or services). You can include them on another page, like the one about you or the product.

11/ 404 error page - The page automatically displayed when someone opens a link that does not exist on your blog. It's very useful and couldn't miss on your blog if you are optimize it for SEO.

12/ Terms and Conditions - It contains the terms and conditions of the site. Perhaps it would be good to talk to someone about what specialist should contain.

These are the most important pages on a blog. Obviously it is not necessary to have them at all. What about you? What types of pages you are using on your blog?
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