The Complete List of Google Ranking Factors


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Jul 13, 2013
Google uses more than 200 factors to rank your website, Google will not clear what factors are most important. Reason sure you also know that they are constantly changing algorithms
The website ranked by Google handled very sophisticated , your website will be evaluated through a lot of different elements if you do not have a place higher on the search results, then don't worry about it, let to be patient and having more efforts, you will get good results as expected.

Here are the complete list of Google Ranking Factors in to rank for your website, you can find out all, or look at the factors that increase and decrease of Search Engine in the coming years and select appropriate SEO strategies.

1. Title Tag
2. Meta Description Tag
3. Keyword density in the webpage
4. Bolded and Italicized text
5. Heading tags (H1, H2, H3..etc)
6. Internal links
7. Keyword Cannibalisation
8. Website pagerank
9. Age of domain
10. Page loading Speed
11. Quantity of templated content
12. Number of ads on a website
13. Contact number
14. Original images that can't be found anywhere else
15. External links
16. Links to malware
17. Originality of the content
18. Frequency with which new content is added or changed
19. Alt and title tag of images
20. Title tag and anchor text of outbound links
21. Video (if embedded)
22. Rich snippets compatibility
23. Private IP
24. Location of the Server (one of most important)
25. Domain target (country targeted or neutral)
26. Toplevel or Sub domain?
27. Domain ownership
28. link text (domain.tld/the-text-here)
29. Hidden content (cloaked content)
30. Hidden text links
31. Duplicate or copied content
32. HTTP server errors
33. W3C validated content (I am not so sure)
34. Behaviour of the site
35. Returning visitors
36. Average visit time
37. Current and past bounce rate
38. Link relations (rel=” ) (like bookmark, chapter, tag, dofollow, nofollow etc.)
39. Keyword in the domain name (I'm not sure about this)
40. Number of backlinks
41. Backlink generation frequency
42. Types of sites having backlinks to the concerned domain/site/page
43. Link relationship of backlinks (dofollow, nofollow or any other)
44. Site's name and Site's logo appearing throughout the site
46. Site's name mentions without link
46. Content above the fold VS content below the fold
47. Site redirects to both internal pages and external pages (301 redirect or any other)
48. Crawl errors
49. Anchor text in backlinks
50. Paragraph or surrounding text in which the backlink exists
51. Backlink comparison between the concerned page/domain/site and competitors site
52. Age of the backlink
53. PR of the page containing the backlink
54. Link spam (includes buying backlinks, comment spam etc.)
55. One way or two way or three way link building
56. Site's official email or branded email
57. If site's brand email exists, how many Gmail users interact with it?
58. If postal or physical address is also mentioned
59. Promoted on AdWords
60. Has approved AdSense account (I'm not sure about this too)
61. Is the site listed on business listing sites?
62. Has some articles about the site submitted on other sites?
63. Bounce rate from Google search result Short Click, Long Click (It is different signal from the normal bounce rate)
64. Breadcrump links
65. Author of the site/article (rel=”me” or rel=”author” tag)
66. Reviews about the site on other sites
67. Quntity of pages listed on Google
68. Actual number of pages
69. Number of page views per visit
70. Number of impressions received per visit
71. Past penalties by Google
72. Penalties by other search engines/forums/sites)
73. Opengraph tags
74. Canonical tag
75. Meta Robots tag
76. Number of Twitter followers
77. Number of Facebook likes
78. Number of Google+ on Search result
79. Number of Google+ to the site's G+ page
80. Backlink to the root domain or to internal pages?
81. Number of internal links and external links on a single page
82. If the site sells or provides bulk backlinks (mentioned in Google Webmasters)
83. Site's name mentions on other site without link
84. Site's Linkedin profile and interaction of other users to it
85. Mentions of site's name in Tweets by the site profile itself and others
86. Social Media page views of the site
87. Is the site offering users to register or not
88. Does the site accept User Generated Content UGC (forums)
89. Social Media shares of a particular page
90. Click through rate of a page of the site
91. Number of broken internal links
92. Number of broken outbound links
93. Copyrighted content
94. If the site name is copyrighted
95. Credits mentioned at the footer
96. Number of original images vs number of actual images on the page
97. Maturity of the content (suitability towards different age groups)
98. If the brand has received any award
99. Usual ranking of the brand or service in different reviews (like top 10 web hosts)
100. If the name of the owner or author mentioned or not
101. If yes, then his/her popularity
102. Language of the content
103. Non-english characters in URL
104. Grammar mistakes and punctuations ( I am not sure)
105. Use of Blue and Black hat SEO techniques
106. Repetition of titles and descriptions
107. Is the site non-profit organization?
108. Is the site Government's?
109. Is the site academic?
110. Does the site resolve user's problem?
111. Direct traffic on the site
112. Site's offline promotion like ads on TV, Newspaper, Magazines, Radio etc.
113. Whether the domain is permanently moved or temporarily moved from any other domain
114. Redirects on the page
115. API used (if any)
116. If the site grabs content from any other site
117. Opengraph tags
118. 304 status code Not Modified
119. Leverage Browser Caching
120. Number of http requests
121. Inline CSS and Javascript
122. Hyphen, Underscore and Dots in the URL
123. Passed parameters (domain.tld/?parameter-name=value)
124. Priority of page/s in sitemap
125. Stop words in title & description
126. Stop words in URL
127. Other sites on the same IP address or server (one of the most important)
128. Other sites in the owners's Webmaster account
129. Backlinks from .GOV and .EDU sites
130. Language of the content
131. If has Spun articles
132. Links from same C Block
133. Ratio of External links to Internal links

Above's just incomplete list, I'd like to see your factors to add to my list
If you have some new factors, add below this post, I appreciated your helps


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Sep 26, 2014
You could have just provided the link you copy and pasted this content from. Would've saved you some time.

Here's the one Im talking about here

Not a complete copy and paste but what you did is unoriginal and not allowed either.

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Jul 13, 2013
Just checked copyscape and it didn't have duplicated content from link you sent in post above

Some terms in SEO was not changed because it need to keep the original.


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Sep 26, 2014
I don't care about copyscape, I care about the original content creator seeing your post. If I know what source you got it from, he's gonna know what post you got it from! You didn't give the original content creator his proper respects and you should've quoted him!

Just because you rearranged it means nothing!

I have probably read every article on the web about IM and I am not the only one. If someone as experienced as I am comes here and sees that post, they are going to know that it's a copy and paste!

PLUS it is not original and not complete. Just don't do it again. I didn't give you an infraction and I didn't remove anything. Just watch it.

Come up with original content from here on out.



Dec 30, 2014
Awesome list that you have provided. Thanks. Didn't know that the number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers counted so important for getting ranks. Thanks again.


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Jul 1, 2014
Though the content may be copied but it may be worthy for people who are new and don't have access to such points. Also its quite unprofessional if the credit is not given to the original curator.

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