What is Magic Spam and how to use it?

Harry P

Well-known member
Feb 3, 2015
Did anyone use Magic spam? please share your experience on this. I sent an email to a college but it is stopped by magic spam on their server. Seem it is helping server to stop mail spam?

Kaz Wolfe

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Jul 7, 2016
MagicSpam is an anti-spam software solution that is designed to protect mail servers from unwanted or unsolicited email messages. It uses various spam-fighting techniques such as content analysis, sender reputation checks, and greylisting to identify and block spam.

MagicSpam is available for several popular mail server platforms, including cPanel/WHM, Plesk, DirectAdmin, and MailEnable. The installation process varies depending on the platform you are using, but in general, you can follow these steps to install MagicSpam:

The installation process for MagicSpam can vary depending on your server operating system and email server software. However, I can provide a general guide that should work for most installations:
  • Purchase a license for MagicSpam that is compatible with your email server software. You can find a list of supported platforms and purchase a license on the MagicSpam website.
  • Download the installation package for your server platform from the MagicSpam website.
  • Login to your server as the root user.
  • Upload the installation package to your server using FTP or SCP.
  • Navigate to the directory where you uploaded the installation package and extract the files. The exact command will depend on the format of the package, but it may look something like this:
tar -zxvf magicspam-package-name.tar.gz
Change into the newly extracted directory:

cd magicspam-package-name
Run the installation script with root privileges:

sudo ./install.sh
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to configure MagicSpam for your email server. You will need to enter your license key and select the email server software you are using.
  • Once the installation is complete, restart your email server to start using MagicSpam.
  • You can configure MagicSpam further by logging in to the MagicSpam web interface, which should be available at . From here, you can adjust settings such as the spam score threshold, whitelisted and blacklisted senders, and more.
Keep in mind that this is a general guide, and the specific steps may differ depending on your server and email server software. Additionally, if you are not comfortable with server administration, you may want to consider hiring a professional to install and configure MagicSpam for you.

Once MagicSpam is installed and configured, it will start filtering incoming email messages and blocking spam. You can customize the spam filtering settings and view reports of blocked messages through the MagicSpam web interface.

It's important to note that MagicSpam is designed for use by mail server administrators and requires some technical expertise to install and configure. If you are not comfortable with managing mail servers, you may want to consider using a hosted email service that includes anti-spam filtering.
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