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Sep 26, 2014
There is nothing wrong with being a noob, as we have all been there. I've been racking my brain thinking up ways to make money for noobs that are easy to implement. First let me tell you what got me interested.

The first way I started making money on the web, and I think I've said this in another thread but I will say it again here, I pillaged thrift stores for items that I could resell on ebay for a larger profit. I find clothes, jewelery, etc... The biggest money maker was BOOKS! Yes vintage books. These are all over thrift stores, mainly the little mom and pop ones, but I've found some gems at Goodwill and SA.

Anyway, so this began my obsession with books, scouring estate sales, classifieds, and second-hand stores. Well I started looking for was to scale up and I consistently turned up info about ebooks. Publishing ebooks, ebook marketing, blah blah.

It didn't take to long before I realized the answers I were looking for, were not necessarily the answers to questions I was asking. So this began my ebook journey.

This stuff is EASY

I literally knew nothing about writing, formatting, or publishing an ebook, but wrote and published my first ebook in 3 days. FOR FREE!

I wrote a book on how to publish ebooks about a year and a half ago. If you want to show a little love, go leave a review on my book :)

So here you go:

Step 1

Find what you know about and pinpoint those topics that are trending most around what you already KNOW. Don't try to do what's popular if you have no knowledge on it. You'll only get discouraged and quit when you realize your book is Sh&t. My first eBook was 20 pages long and it took 4 hrs to write and makes a couple sales a week.

Now type it out into a plain text document.

Clear all formatting

Step 2

Then download 2 programs (it's been a while so there may be more, but as of a year ago these were the "go-to")


These are opensource programs that will enable you to have a book published on Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and others. These are WYSIWYG so there is one limitation that I do not like. And that is the inability to include links to the web. YOu can hyperlink to other pages within the book but not out to websites. Yeah a big bummer, but for beginners still a solid method to make cash.

So now you paste your doc into Sigil

In Sigil you can add a table of contents and make your page breaks and separate chapters. Do not worry about any formatting like bold and italic text. Keep your H1 and H2 tags for titles though. Youll also add images when in sigil.

Save the file

Sigil takes a little learning. I figured it out in about 2 hours.

Step 3

Now go over to Calibre and load your file from Sigil

In calibre you'll set meta info and edit your text, adding bold, italics, and indents where necessary. Now convert into an EPUB. The buttons on the site are pretty self explanatory and easy to use. Don't need to go into too much depth, it's not hard. But just in case, I am also including a link to download the mobi file for my book.

Step 4

Ok my friend you are ready to publish for kindle! The next step is to get a cover done at fiverr. (We probably should have a graphic design in the BST here.) Now go and publish your book. Do it on every platform you can. Or if you choose to run certain promotions offered through kindle to increase exposure, you have to be exclusive. This sometimes works out and sometimes doesn't so be aware.

Publishing on Kindle is super easy but for those of you that need an in depth guide on how to do it, I am including the link to download my book for FREE! I only sell it for $.99 but it makes me $50 every 6 months (which at the 65% kindle takes for selling at $.99 thats 142 copies sold) and as you will see it's not a very long book and only took me 2 days to write and publish. Heres the link to download it

Now I kinda wish I had stuck with writing eBooks. If I had put 6 months in to writing eBooks, write one every other day, then I'd be making wonderful amounts of money on auto pilot now. So take heed, act now. YOu are the only one holding yourself back.

This step is the EASIEST. Just go to "Kindle Direct Publishing" . It literally takes 15 minutes. Load up your cover, mobi file, and fill in your personal info to start receiving checks! Easy.

For more advanced sales funnels I would advise getting into designing your ebooks in Adobe InDesign. This way you can include OBLs to affiliate products and such.

WARNING TO THIEVES: IF I find my book anywhere on the web and copied and pasted, or even SPUN, I will tank and destroy everything you have!

Well good luck and enjoy the free book!


PS: Download kindle reader or whatever file viewer you can use to view the book.


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Jan 22, 2015
Great post as always bro. I've also sold kindle books under a pen name.

To increase my sales I started a kindle books facebook page, where I shared the free top rated books of the day. Every morning I would schedule the posts on facebook, everything was automated except that I had to search for the free books then schedule the posts (coz they change daily).

The page grew very fast, it's still active even though my last update was last year October. I still get messages from kindle book authors as well.

To cut the long story short, the page was really active and getting a lot of engagement because I was sharing free books. Legally though, via amazon :)

So as I was pushing the free top rated books, I would also throw in some of my kindle books in the mix. That's how I promoted my books and increased sales. My 1st payment was in July as shown below:


My 2nd payment was over $100 when combining it from different countries. I also used affiliate links on the facebook page so amazon (even today) pays me twice, as a kindle author and as an affiliate. Yesterday I got $5 from amazon by the way haha :DD:

But looking at the time and effort I put on the page the money was too small for me to keep doing it and my music production blog needed my attention as well. So I had to quit the kindle niche.

However, I totally agree with you that it's a viable business or something you can do on the side if you have time.



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Jan 13, 2015
There is nothing wrong with being a noob, as we have all been there. I've been racking my brain thinking up ways to make money for noobs that are easy to implement. First let me tell you what got me interested...
Eric - Awesome post!!! Gets my vote for one of the best here... I've never tried Amazon kindle... But tempted to try that out later in the year...


Mar 7, 2015
The first time i read about this from a WSO ebook. Would like to implement it but untill now my first ebook still in the draft process. Just find that it's time consuming. But it worth it if we do it rightly as it will bring consistent amount of traffic & sales. Thanks OP for sharing this. I downloaded your free ebook but cant open it with adobe reader.


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Mar 19, 2015
In my experience the simplest way to create books for Kindle is to use the Kindle Generator and previewer both available free from Amazon. They also provide a cover creator so you can easily make your own cover.

If you are looking at Kindle also be aware that you can use Kindle Comic Creator to create comics, books of photos or a series of powerpoint slides. If you take a look there are quite a few that are only a dozen pages long and come in series. I know of a couple of people that do very well from that.

The real beauty of Amazon is once you get one successful book Amazon promotes and cross sells for you, so they do most of the marketing.
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