Why free web hosting cost you money


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Oct 7, 2016
Nowadays every business needs a website, and every site needs a place to store. Web hosting is one of the most critical parts to running a business website, like having a building to work is one of the most important parts of owning a store. A variety of services offer free web hosting commitments, but sometimes they can have unforeseen problems. Although free is usually good, when it comes to web hosting, free is sometimes not the best solution. Let's take a closer look at the pitfalls of free web hosting.

Overview of hosting
Every site needs a place to host, and hosting a website on its server means that the site can be accessed, you must take care of your server yourself. Because this can be expensive and difficult, most people, businesses, and other organizations choose to use a paid web hosting service to host their website.

Some providers are even willing to offer free hosting + domain names, but is there a free web hosting service that saves you money?

Is it free?
The purpose of any business is to make a profit, and web hosting companies that offer free services must figure out how to make up for it in other ways. Many of them offer web hosting as part of a service package to encourage buying a domain name or other service.

Others offer to host free trial and charge after a certain period. You can easily save a few coins if you decide to accept the limitations of free trial hosting like this but it is best to have a long-term orientation when investing in websites and using seasonal web hosting like this. is not recommended.

The issue of prestige
There are thousands of hosting services out there, and while there are many excellent free services, there are many services out there. Because a lot of hosting is provided by individuals or small groups with limited resources and knowledge (usually a new reseller or someone who is not technically trained), it can be challenging to guarantee translation.

Websites that are hosted on a second-tier service (or rank 3.4) are more likely to suffer from data loss, slow speed, and other issues. You may even encounter this problem with the free service of well-known companies. In the Internet age, every company will be forgotten in just a few months if it does not adapt and change with the times.

No matter how well-known the company provides great free services, poor management or some serious mistakes can lead to collapse within a year.

Another possible problem may come from advertising. Many free web hosting makes money by inserting ads into your website. This means that you cannot make money from ads posted to your site. If you've counted ads as a source of income, free hosting is often inappropriate.

While you can save the initial cost of building free web hosting, being unable to earn revenue from ads will prevent your site from growing. Even if you do not need to rely on advertising revenue, the fact that you have no control over which ads will display will significantly affect the user experience, for example, you own a website selling young toys. But I have an objectionable content on the site that will make customers uncomfortable.

Restrictions on features
Free web hosting often offers limited services, because they have limited resources. They will usually set a limit on the maximum capacity of the site along with bandwidth and speed limits. This can hinder the development of your website and make you unable to expand or develop. Free hosting also tends to be inflexible, making completing everything you want to become more difficult.

If you are using free hosting, you probably won't be able to install the plugins yourself. They may make you pay a certain fee if you want to install other plugins.

WordPress is special because it has so many plugins attached to extend the features, so the plugin is an essential part. For example, Yoast SEO helps you optimize SEO for your website more efficiently, or contact form plugins to help you create contact forms. If you want to build your site, the page builder plugin is also indispensable.

These plugins make work easier and improve productivity. Time is the most valuable thing, not because you save a few dollars and you miss your business opportunity.

Finally, support service, this is a significant thing that many hosting tenants often overlook. Sometimes when your website has problems, it is necessary to contact support from Hosting provider immediately. Because if you own an online business website in just a few minutes, it will be enough for you to suffer heavy losses.

But with the free web hosting, you will not be able to get help from them, as this is a free service so you use it to accept the risks that may be encountered. Losing your data or website is entirely possible.

These popular free hosting services
1. WordPress.com
One of the most popular free web hosting is WordPress.com, which is a platform that is used by more than a million users and is the core of many popular websites. Note that WordPress is an open source system but it is also the name of the company that created it and they also offer free hosting services with 3gb memory limit and no plugins support, no need to say free service This fee is quite sad.

There are some different services that you can pay for access, such as premium design themes, extended storage space, or advanced settings for your ads. If you only need a few key features (or nothing), then this is a service for you but if you want to run a large site with full functionality, plugin support, custom display options With advanced themes, WordPress can be very expensive.

2. Blogger
Another popular hosting service, Blogger, is run by Google and allows you to host blogs. Unfortunately, that's about all it will enable you to do. Although running a blog is usually beneficial for the business, it is clear that it is hosted on a free Google service that looks unprofessional.

You cannot own your domain name address will be yoursite.blogspot.com. There are also limits on your storage space and the number of pages you can have. Although a free blog is excellent for individuals, it does not replace a real business website.

If you have a tight budget, free hosting may seem like a great solution, but behind the scenes will include a lot of hidden costs that you didn't anticipate. You may miss income sources, affect your productivity, face site crashes, or even lose a customer because of poor quality.

That's why I will always encourage using quality hosting services for your websites and it possible, you should always go with paid web hosting services. Good luck!


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Dec 2, 2021
I just want to appreciate you for that information sharing. Great!
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