1. L

    Advice for Adult forum hosting noob friendly

    I want to host an adult forum, it will be a challenge to grow it so i am lookinf to start with cheap shared hosting looking to move on vps if i get more traffic. I had only wordpress websites, so i am not sure how difficult will be to install the forum, thinking to get a hosting that have...
  2. Cookie123

    500 Internal Server Error when enabling friendly urls

    So I enabled Friendly URLs for my XF forum, and it worked fine, but all of a sudden it said this: I use cPanel, and when I try to access the error logs it gives a 403 error. Anyways, it was working fine for like 15 min.. I didn't change anything in my htaccess This was the htaccess I was...
  3. Theresapaz

    Is Web Hosting newbie friendly?

    Hello Guys! I am new in this business and the knowledge that I have about Web Hosting is limited to the basic definition of Web Hosting, which is borrowing/renting the server, so I don't have to pay a hefty amount for my own website since I am just starting. It's all too confusing to me but I am...
  4. Chris Worner

    How to make a website user friendly?

    I am going to launch a fashion website and make it user friendly, so that customers can find my products without any difficulty. I want suggestions from experts here, so that following that i can make an user friendly website. Your suggestions are appreciated.
  5. Little Alien

    PHPBB Forum SEO friendly URL

    Hi, I would like to know how to make a PHPBB forum SEO friendly. Currently the URLs on my forum are not friendly as what i wanted. Can anyone help me a guide!
  6. Hawker

    All-in-One YouTube Video Ranker Service 2016 SEO Friendly Improves The Ranking of Any YouTube Video

    Hawker submitted a new resource: All-in-One YouTube Video Ranker Service 2016 SEO Friendly Improves The Ranking of Any YouTube Video - All-in-One YouTube Video Ranker Service 2016 SEO Friendly Improves The Ranking of Any YouTube Video Read more about this resource...
  7. pabitra

    Friendly URL is a ranking factor in SEO?

    All websites are using SEO friendly URL but I am wondering if I switch to raw URLs like myfile.php?id=89943 Can it affect to search engine optimization?
  8. Dionte

    How to make wordpress site SEO friendly

    Hello there... From last two months I have developed one WordPress blog. SO now i want to make site SEO friendly both on-page and off page SEO. can anyone give me suggestions or tips related to search engine optimization for wordpress blog?
  9. ElissaRTR

    Is long domain name SEO friendly?

    Hi everyone I am going to start a helpful blog site, but confused about domain name. Is long domain name SEO friendly and easy to get ranked higher competitors? Please suggest me.
  10. Lucky!

    How much do "search engine friendly" links really work?

    What do you think about these kinds of links? Do they actually help with your SEO rankings? I don't know if it holds true these days, but I heard search engines tended to like keywords in your URL. However, with the shift of what search engines look for, does this still hold true? Are these...
  11. arronmattwills

    Google boosts mobile friendly web pages in the recent roll out: April 21 2015

    In today's fastest growing world you will start day with smart phone, to see your time line updates, to search your favorite product, to search good institute, company or job etc., Smart phone is a powerful weapon to common man to get instant results, immediately. Now a days 3G and 4G services...
  12. NevinC

    The most SEO Friendly Drop Down Menu?

    I want to add drop-down menu to my blog but not sure which one is SEO better and will be easily crawled by Google. I would like drop-down menu but easy to touch by users I don't want more JavaScript or jQuery which more problems on loading and my website speed. Has to be CSS but I am afraid...
  13. BillEssley

    How to choose a friendly theme for SEO?

    I'm searching for a theme about travel/hotels and a theme for my personal blog but I want it friendly with SEO so my keywords later can get higher rankings on search engines. please share your advice things need to consider before choosing a theme? My cms is wordpress and it is setting up.
  14. ericplotz1

    FREE Way to make money! Noob FRIENDLY method!

    There is nothing wrong with being a noob, as we have all been there. I've been racking my brain thinking up ways to make money for noobs that are easy to implement. First let me tell you what got me interested. The first way I started making money on the web, and I think I've said this in...
  15. cindy

    How to make mobile friendly website

    Previously I used to build sites I used to make iphone version by using php to detect device and create the iphone style sheet. However, it is obviously not good idea to assume iphones are only phones capable of web browsing now a days. So what is the current method of developing a site to be...
  16. arronmattwills

    Need full-width, responsive, mobile friendly, fully optimized slider banner

    If you need a Responsive, mobile supporting(tablets, smart phones, laptops and computers supporting version), fully optimized (search engine optimization with fully genuine tags), fully customization options included then you can go for revolution slider. The main advantages of revolutions...
  17. arronmattwills

    why blogspot is not design friendly?

    Google is offering free blog creation and unlimited space. That is really a nice thing. But google's blogspot is not deisgner friendly. We can hardly choose the default templates. We can't edit with own style. Any web designer can like to write his own code for the website designing. But it is...
  18. Liliana

    Creating website mobile friendly without revamping the theme?

    So I am getting pretty deep into my site design and content. Unfortunately, I just observed how badly my website design converts to mobile watching. Is there a way to create my website more mobile friendly without completely revamping the theme? I like the design of some of the other styles on...
  19. Marc0

    Tips for creating an SEO friendly web design

    HI guys Is there any scope of building a website which is successful in its SEO ventures as well? Please share the tips if possible :) .