11 Killer Ways to Drive Traffic to A New Website


Jan 28, 2013
The biggest challenge by creating a website is to attract your target audience and ensure a sufficiently large number of visitors each day in order to generate the expected volume sales or conversions.

The good part is that you can bring traffic to a new website created from the early days appealing to a range of techniques and tools that allow you to interact with targeted users. However, many of these techniques require a significant investment of time and money, so I recommend you start with the ones that you can handle in online internet marketing.

1. Post relevant comments
Services like Disquis can generate many visitors to a newly created website, and allow you to interact with users and build communities based on a topic of interest to you. You can also use Yahoo Answers, Quora, Reddit or other similar pages to demonstrate your knowledge in a field and attract more visitors interested in that niche.

2. Optimize all blog articles
Here we explain why it is important for search engine optimization. Without SEO is much more difficult to raise the visibility of articles and your page, and reach your target audience. If you do not deal with optimization, I suggest you find a SEO specialist on this forum to get helps from them.

3. Optimize descriptions
Whether you have an article that you that you posted it in a category then each description must be unique and optimized for search engines. Make sure the text descriptions answer any questions from visitors, and if you have enough experience in the SEO, you can write the best although it has less text on each description.

4. Invite other bloggers to write about you
Guest blogging remains an excellent technique for attracting new visitors, as it helps you to interact with an audience already interested in your new website/blog. Orient to pages with an audience already made and make sure that you get benefit from social media promotion.

5. Connections and mentions
LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are very useful for making connections to influential people in your niche. A website has just released can quickly enter user attention if a visitor mentioned, but it is important to make sure the information on your website are valuable and useful to visitors. Very rare that a visitor to recommend a page containing bad content.

6. Spying on your competitors
Borrow good ideas and learn from the mistakes of competition. See which of their articles or posts that having more reviews - both positive and negative. Based on these data can create relevant articles on the same topics, but providing more information than them.

7. Use AdWords campaigns
Probably the fastest way to attract new visitors to your site, Google AdWords allows you to distribute your message to a large number of users and provides you with a number of tools that allow rapid evaluation of the results. You can thus adapt depending PPC campaigns targeted keyword performance and optimize pages that do not bring the expected results.

8. Post interviews
Interviews are an excellent idea to promote your page and attract visitors, as promotion and benefit from the interviewee.
Make a list of personalities in your field (Viewers from LinkedIn or Twitter are excellent resources in this case) and send a series of personalized invitations, but try to be as short initial and NOT send messages directly to the interview questions. Once completed the interview, send them the link to the page where it is published and don't forget to say "Thank you in advance" for their help that it will pay in the promotion page.

9. Create different types of content
Infografics are still popular because it provides information in a different format, easier to process than written text. A lot of users who look for certain keywords pay attention more images, while others prefer to look only articles written, others are turning to video. As your online presence more diverse, the more you are more likely to generate more traffic in less time.

10. Use social media wisely
There are almost no company that does not have a presence on the main channels of social media, but the truth is that to attract more visitors through the pages of Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn, you need more than one page of company . Weekly posts are absolutely necessary if you want to maximize brand affinity and keep your audience informed about the latest news, but even more effective strategy to attract visitors to start is to interact with other brands in your niche.

Assuming your social media page just born and want to increase the number of followers in order to generate traffic to your website, it is important to be visible where are your potential visitors. Choose to comment on articles whose topic subdue him, to open new discussion topics relevant community, or to publish their own opinion related to a topic, attaching a popular #hashtag.

Using forums in your niche is also very good, because it gives you the opportunity to see not only what they interest or not and problems faced when starting to use the goods or services.

11. Create a series of articles on the same topic
Depending on your niche, you can create a mini-guide or a series of articles on a topic of interest to potential visitors. Use a CTA at the end of each article, or a plugin that users recommend following text readable.

Drive traffic to a new Website is not easy but also not difficult if you do it in right ways, All depend on time and your patient. If you are looking for new ways to promote your new website to everyone, just share your questions or new tips, discussions will give you more new discoveries on how to do marking online
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