10 Killer Tips to become a bigger blogger

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Feb 22, 2013
Blogging is not just writing anything in your blog. To become a better and successful blogger, it is necessary to do some other works like- Search engine optimization,content sharing etc. Lets see what can be important to become a successful blogger.

1. Write Quality Contents and Avoid Duplicate or Copyright contents
Quality Contents is necessary to become a successful blogger. You can never become a successful blogger,if you are dependent upon others or you steal the contents of other blogs.I have already Explained very clearly what actually this Quality Contents means? No anyone likes to read the same content again and again so produce something new which is not available on internet.Don't include following types of content in your blog:

Copyright Materials
Adult Contents
Hacking/Cracking Contents
Illegal Downloads
Selling of Weapons or any other substance which can create tension among people.

2. Earning Money shouldn't be your Primary Motive
9 out of 10 bloggers starts their blog in a hope to make maximum money from their blog which is not a good practice. You must have passion for blogging. Just don't do it for earning money. Blog Owners tries different methodologies like Black Hat SEO trick,Spam Back linking etc to popularize their blog just for generating maximum income which can be very harmful.

Just use the genuine method and have patience. You can't get money right from the first month. Just focus on writing quality contents, you will definitely get your revenue once your blog will experience good traffic.

3. Use Proper Search Engine Optimization Technique not the Black Hat SEO technique
As I just told earlier, Blogging is not just posting contents in your blog. Many users reports that they failed to get the appropriate result even after posting high quality contents. The reason can be an improper or bad SEO technique.Some of best SEO techniques are :
Must use blogger SEO trick to Get better ranking in search engines
Improve Search Engine Visibility by Optimizing Images on Your Blog
Fully Utilize your Page Rank to improve your Organic traffic
Top Reasons why Google is Neglecting your Blog Contents?

4. Spread your Blog using Social Networking Sites
Social Networking Websites such as Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest etc has emerged as one of the best methods to spread your contents over internet. The benefit of using these social networking sites is, you can interact or drive the attension of so many people at the same time.
How Pinterest can help you to get Quality Backlinks?

5. Always give Reply to the comments on your Blog Post
Comments are an important way to make relation with users so it becomes important for you to answer their queries. Sometimes they appreciate you for your works and sometime they can ask you about their problem as well .In these kind of situation, Always try to answer them.
To understand this fact, just place yourself on their place.Would you like to visit a blog which never answer your query. It also leaves a negative impact on other visitors. Visitors will start taking less interest when they will notice that the author neglects their question so always answer their queries.

6. Never Ignore Hot Topics and be the first to write the same
User comes to your blog to read some fresh and updated content so give them the reason to come. Don't post outdated topics. Keep looking for latest stuff and post them when you feel that it is necessary.
Always remember, you are not alone in this blogging field. Lots of competitors are there so it is also necessary for you to post contents before your competitors otherwise visitors will shift to your competitor's site.

7. Write High Quality Guest Posts on Other Blogs
Guest Posting is another an important resources to popularize your blog. You get traffic and also a quality backlink. Before posting as Guest, please make sure that you are using Original contents. Some of the users post same contents in more than one blog as Guest. Google is taking this matter seriously and considered it as Spam and can penalize you.Just check Top Reasons why Google is Neglecting your Blog Contents?

8. Use Appropriate Title and Content
Sometimes even a better blog post go into vein due to inappropriate title. Choose a generic title which can be asked by an user.To do this, place yourself in the place of visitor who is looking for some piece of information on certain topics.
It is always recommended to use just one H1 tag in your blog post. Actually the tage H1 is more productive for search engines and thus most of the blog owners use the same multiple times which is not a good practice.
Use Google Adword Tool to have a look for suggested keywords. Never use excessive keywords in your blog post. Just check:
Top Reasons why Google is Neglecting your Blog Contents?
Why Your blogs were hit by Google Algorithm Updates?

9. Use Google Webmaster Tool
Google Webmaster Tools are a must use Tool for bloggers and website owner. First of all add and verify your blog/website there. You would be able to check several details like-404 pages,broken links,low quality links etc.
I will recommend you to use its email notification service so as to get updated about your blog's performance.

10. Give More Importance to Alexa Rank Rather than Google Page Rank
To Analyze the present condition of your blog, check the status in Alexa ranking. It is better than Google Page Rank in terms of Accuracy.
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