A Basic Content Marketing Strategy


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Sep 26, 2014
When starting up in your goal to attract and keep new prospects to your site and list, you need a plan. That is what a content marketing strategy is all about. You will get lots of strategies with a simple search online but most of them will have the following basics ingredients:

1. Resolve the media to use

Too many media are available online which could be used to distribute your content. Much of these would give you little returns for the much effort you would apply and most have a stiff learning curve. Your choice will depend on much wisdom.

2. Choose an initial medium that eases the next

Speed and impact are both crucial. Your goal ought to be to get content into the market fast. It would be preferable to avail content on five easy sites as opposed to an influential one that is difficult to get into. Take guest blogging as an example, it gives great returns but is so hard to get into.

3. Make every media lead to your site

Your objective here is to get prospective customers to your list. This means every effort you make in marketing should point to the same place. This is called a marketing funnel. Into the wide top will go all your efforts with the narrow bottom focusing all this efforts on one small place.

4. Repeat

Repeat several times and do not skip any of these steps.

5. Consistent Content Creation

It is much preferable to create three pieces of content daily than thirty on Tuesday.

6. Schedule

Make a date to upload your content and then do so without fail.

Finally, a plan that is not implemented is useless. What has worked for you and what did I miss?

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