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Sep 26, 2014
We all have to start somewhere and a good foundation to succeed needs a certain formula. This article hopes to enlighten on the contents of that formula for that foundation. That way, your struggles to succeed will have direction and purpose. Once you have the foundation in place, the complexity of your enterprise will fit into your growth.

1. Find Out About Your Product's Niche

Your product or service has a niche on which you need to perform a keen research. You might have to acquire re-sell rights on a product or service in the niche in order to really understand that niche. To make money, you will have to understand the industry and research is necessity.

2. The Website

The website you create or adapt to your product has to be unique to your niche and product. Simple but good without those dizzying bright colors and marquee like effects are areas you could look into. Product covers such as header graphics and e-books are the in thing today.

3. Make Money While You Are Away

Automate the site with tools that will help you make money such as auto-responders, ad-trackers, order processing systems and customer support systems. The tools will track advertisements as well as enlighten you on return on your investment.

4. The Traffic

Make use of basic search engine optimization to attract traffic and customers to your site. Do this in person or outsource depending on your budget for the project and growth speed.

Let these four steps form the basis upon which you will create and run your new automated online business. Many have done this before, many are doing this currently and it is up to you to get off your comfort zone and get into the rhythm. What is your opinion? Let us know.

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