How to Get More Customers on Twitter


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Jun 6, 2012
More customers, more sales. Twitter is an accessible way to connect with prospective customers in touch.

What sets have you ever got in your tweets? With these 10 Twitter tips will help you get more customers on Twitter

1. Write helpful Tweets

At least half of your tweets should give an answer, a response, or some kind of communication or dialogue in them. Remember that social media is about dialogue.

Using the search field on, you can search for tweets about your industry.

2. Give before you receive

Do you want to build a relationship with someone? Show interest in him, first, answer questions and Retweet (RT) interesting posts.

3. Organize a contest via Twitter

A contest is a great way to get more. Followers ask people to Retweet the message and you follow to see if they have won.

Tip! Do not give away price to the 500th or 1000th follower, but it raffled among all your followers. To create opportunity and anyone discourage you not follower 999. "Then I'll wait a while to follow ..."

4. Publish on events

Do you go to a conference or event? Tweet about it, maybe also a follower and you shake his hand. You also shows that you keep your knowledge up to date.

5. Give something away on Twitter

Free always works. You make people happy with your knowledge and in the future they might do something for you back (reciprocity). Examples of fun giveaways are: SEO Forum, Internet marketing, Webmaster, Website templates on Twitter.

6. Share great videos

Have you seen an inspiring, surprising or really funny video on YouTube? Or make your own instructional clip? Let share them on Twitter.

7. Say "thank you"

Although you do not have to thank for every re-tweet it is nice to occasionally do it. Especially with people you want to build a band. You can also send a message through the new followers
Direct Message option. This works just like email: only he or she reads it.

8. Twitter Tweet about special offers

Have a nice action, but remember that Twitter is not a sales channel and people unfollow you so.

9. Recommend a product or service

Are you happy about something or someone? Let us know via Twitter. Put the @ username of the other party there than he reads it.

Example : @webmastersun

10. Be interesting

What people want to read? Why is it interesting to follow? you need to see which posts many Retweets (often were sent) or responses received.

Good luck! :victory:

Don't forget share your ideas how to get more Customers on Twitter.
Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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