1. famupsaman

    Is it good to buy Twitter followers?

    Hello, I want to grow my presence on Twitter and want to have an influence on the platform. Is it good to buy Twitter followers to gain some visibility?
  2. J

    twitter followers

    Hello, How to increase twitter followers? (Real follower, not fake follower) Thanks
  3. john-mth

    How to get real followers on Twitter?

    Hello Friends, How to get real followers on Twitter? I checked lot of sites but most of them have fake followers so how will get real followers?
  4. jeniffer26

    Facebook or Twitter?

    I want to have viewers but I got a little bit confused on which social media should I used to gain viewers. In facebook I know that it has lots of features for your video to have viewers but in twitter. It has a hashtag that I can use for it to become trending. Can anyone here give me some advice?
  5. kevinhng86

    PHP - Convert Twitter Id to Username or Vice Versa

    Hello all, From a request of a friend that needed help to convert Twitter username to user Id or User Id to username, I spend sometime written this library of function that can help anyone need to connect to the twitter Api to translate username to id or vice versa. Although this is not a very...
  6. Maxoq

    Facebook or Twitter to promote your hosting site?

    Do you promote your hosting site with Facebook or Twitter? Which one works the best for you?
  7. Tim Dini

    Advertising: Facebook vs Twitter vs Pinterest

    I've been test advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and have found commercial value (buying intent) to be highest on Pinterest. This seems reasonable to me, since I believe ... Most people are on Facebook to interact with other people, not necessarily businesses. Most Twitter...
  8. denvercardonations

    Is there a link code that will identify me as twitter page owner?

    Nibbles says I "link" to a twitter page, but there is no indication I am the owner, am I missing some link code? I know with G+ you can do rel="author" or rel="publisher"
  9. CyberAlchemist

    Promote Twitter Tweets or Account?

    What's up everyone? If you have an opportunity to advertise on Twitter, which one do you prefer to promote, your Twitter tweets or account? What do you guys think?
  10. fromrachel

    Twitter or LinkedIn, which is better?

    Hey guys, what you think about these two website which one is the best. Twitter or LinkedIn, which one you guys choose to increase traffic or leads for your site. why?
  11. Steve32

    Is it possible to setup Auto Reply in Twitter?

    Hello, Is it possible to setup an auto reply option in Twitter? I mean when someone tweeted something then my reply will be posted on his reply Thanks Steve
  12. trustdnb

    Is Twitter removing share Counts for the new Tweet button?

    From Niall's post on Twitter forum here Do you realize this happening with your share counts on your blog posts? Is Twitter removing share Counts for the new Tweet button? Are there any easy methods to show the counts on my blog post?
  13. mikeyman120

    Anyone here using tweepi for growing your twitter following?

    Hey, I just discovered tweepi for twitter and it seems to be like instagress is for instagram but for twitter. I was wondering if anyone is using tweepi and is it helping you grow your account? Also do you think it got any of your accounts banned and if so why do you think that is? I am...
  14. mikeyman120

    Anyone selling tweets on twitter on places like fiverr

    I'm big into Instagram but have been getting into twitter again and notice that just like people are selling shoutouts on Instgaram they also seem to be doing the equivalent on twitter which is selling a tweet. I see it on fiverr just do a search for twitter tweet or tweet. I was wondering if...
  15. ITMDB

    Have you have much luck with Twitter Giveaways?

    I have recently pinned a giveaway tweet to my profile page. @ITManagersTB Its working along the lines of "RT to Enter" type of thing. Giveaway at 5k follower. Have any of you found this to be successful in terms of gaining followers etc?
  16. wrigmark

    Adding followers into lists. How often its important to Twitter marketing?

    Hi, Getting followers, retweet & favorites are important parts for twitter marketing. But adding followers into list how often its important to twitter marketing. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  17. itrafficsupplier

    Buy Facebook - Twitter - YouTube Fans

    itrafficsupplier submitted a new resource: Buy Facebook - Twitter - YouTube Fans - Buy Facebook - Twitter - YouTube Fans Read more about this resource...
  18. gabrielle

    Advantages and disadvantages of using Twitter for marketing?

    Recent years Twitter is the great Social Network on the web because you can be connected to everyone without boundaries without worrying about ethics issues like you don't exactly need to be friends with them offline just to follow them. That being said, it is easier to connect for business or...
  19. Laviskajoermoy

    How much can I earn from 15k Twitter followers?

    I have a Twitter account with over 15k real followers from worldwide. It's spread in more niches blogging, adsense, web hosting and web design. I would like to know how much can I earn from my account montly? what ways will I apply to earn good from it?
  20. orangesweety

    How to get automatic updates from wordpress to facebook and twitter?

    Hi friends, I have a WordPress blog, and i will post new articles regularly. I want those articles should automatically post to facebook, twitter, linkedin and Google+. Is there any solutions or genuine plugin for this requirement?