1. paulgl

    Any tips to have 5K Twitter followers?

    My Twitter account is having less followers now, exactly 800 followers I want to increase this number to 5000 followers but I did more ways but not succeed. I should buy twitter followers service or do you have any tips to increase my followers to 5K? thanks in advance.
  2. X

    Good books about Twitter

    Can you recommend some good books about Twitter. I am planning to get the latest edition of "Twitter marketing for dummies", I am reading "Twitter for business" by Ted Prodromou now (very good book), and I also have "Get rich with Twitter" by Dennis Prince. I was doing the research, before I...
  3. laurence

    What is good tool for automating followers and tweets on Twitter?

    Hey Guys, What are good tools for automating followers and tweets on Twitter, prefer both free and paid? I found some tools via searching but I am not sure they are good when I have not ever used them before. Any advice?
  4. OnaDavney

    How to track visitors that come from Facebook, Google+ or Twitter?

    Hey Guys, What are the best ways to track traffic and visitors that come directly from my Facebook, Google+ or Twitter??
  5. Jon Acuff

    Twitter follow or tweet button?

    Hello I have two questions about twitter marketing What is the difference between Twitter tweet and follow button? Which button I should put on my site for traffic and new visitors? Your suggestions are appreciate.
  6. mikemartel

    How to use Twitter for Small or Medium-sized businesses

    Hey guys, I really don't understand how to use Twitter very well. In no particular order, here are some questions I have about it... What is the best way to get more Twitter followers? How/why do you use other hashtags? If I'm sharing one of your posts or any post, should I add any extra...
  7. ElixantTechnology

    WTB Advertising Space / Email Blasts / Twitter Blasts / Blog Posts

    ElixantTechnology submitted a new resource: Advertising Space / Email Blasts / Twitter Blasts / Blog Posts - Advertising Space / Email Blasts / Twitter Blasts / Blog Posts Read more about this resource...
  8. Richard Weberg

    Google’s Twitter Update Is About To Hit

    Another reason if your not using twitter in your marketing, to do so. I just got this email from WebPro news, thought I would pass this on. "Thursday, April 30, 2015 Long story short, what you say and what others say about you on Twitter may start mattering a lot more. Do you...
  9. DaveKash

    X steps to Twitter success

    Hi all A lot of people especially online marketers don't fully take and utilize the advantage of twitter to boost their online business. let me tell you that twitter is a powerful way to get free targeted traffic to whatever niche you are in. It doesn't matter if you are in the making money...
  10. JoeHamilton

    Best marketing tools for Twitter

    I am searching for Twitter marketing tool which helps me manage tweet, follower and followers in automatic way. Did any one use an effective tools for twitter, please suggest me any names?
  11. Devin Holdcraft

    How to improve my Twitter account

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I would like to hear from you. Could you share me any advice/suggestions on how can I improve my Twitter account to a higher level? Earn money? Grow my account for more followers and retweets and gain revenue eventually. My twitter account is all about targeting...
  12. sonyasparks

    What is the best way to promote your Twitter account?

    Hi, Twitter is one of best marketing tools for my website and I am using it to increase traffic daily Do you use Twitter and What are best ways to promote your twitter account? All your suggestions are appreciated!.
  13. tonymyers

    Can you have multiple twitter accounts

    I have an idea to create more twitter accounts on more different niches and interacting with people interested in that niche? around 5 twitter accounts? Would I have to have a different email for each one so they won't know my IP? what are your suggestions?
  14. SrRyan

    Did you have conversions from Twitter?

    Did you have conversions from Twitter? Maybe I was lucky man when I got conversations from Twitter and sales from it. I found Twitter to be complete useful for traffic and sales for my site what bout you? what anyone is saying?
  15. johnyplex

    Twitter page can ranking on first page of google

    Researching keywords on Google search results I found some twitter pages can be listed on first page with my keyword searching. Why Twitter could do that and Twitter is really useful for SEO for my site?
  16. edsonbuchanan

    How To Make Graphics For FaceBook, Instagram, and More...

    I'm always looking for ways to create professional looking graphics fast and when its free; even better. I came across this website that allows you to make great looking graphics and I personally think its better than adobe as its easy to learn how to use. I recommend...
  17. Eoon

    Need Twitter tweets, Google+ share, Facebook posts

    Eoon submitted a new resource: Need Twitter tweets, Google+ share, Facebook posts - Need Twitter tweets, Google+ share, Facebook posts Read more about this resource...
  18. zaskia_smith

    Is Twitter better for marketing a new website than Facebook?

    What do you think is better for marketing your website? Facebook or Twitter? What was your findings? Please share your insight
  19. freds86

    Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google+ vs. Stumbleupon, which is better for traffic?

    Hi dears, I'm building a strategy to get traffic from social networks I got some recommendations from my friends, they suggest me social netowks like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Stumbleupon I just want to know if I compare about traffic aspect, Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google+ vs...
  20. S

    How to Increase followers on Twitter

    Hello Guys, everyone want to increase followers on Twitter because most of the businesses are on Twitter nowadays. But many of them are still scratch their heads by trying to find actionable ideas to increase their Twitter followers. Some of the Tips I know to increase the followers which I...