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Nov 11, 2015

What we are offering is a performance and optimization package dedicated to improving your website's performance, offering the same quality content at a fraction of the load time helping you get and retain more users. Longer time on site translates to reduced bounce rates and higher conversions.

Increasing the speed of your website

First we will address security issues, updates and backups for your site, checking for known issues with your themes and plugins. Our algorithms scan for any suspicious behavior.

Hostirian will analyze your WordPress site to find new ways to keep it safe from hackers and make it load faster; with file compression, minification, browser caching, Cloudflare integration and performance monitoring because when it comes to pagespeed, every millisecond counts.

We will also go the extra mile to explain the why and how!

Not only is page speed used by search engines to determine your site rank, it also keeps people on your site longer.

Increasing the performance of your website

  • Some of the steps we will take to increase the performance of your website are:
  • Minify, combine, optimize and position files to improve page speed.
  • Compress HTML, JavaScript, and Style Sheets to reduce site load time.
  • Speed up page load times with full-page, browser and Gravatar cache.
  • Manage the Cloudflare Browser Cache.
  • Utilize a secure and hyper fast CDN for faster website performance.
  • Resize, compress and optimize all your images.
  • Monitor your website's response time so we will know exactly when your website experiences any downtime.

We will also keep your site safe from hackers

We will perform security scans, vulnerability reports, audit logs, safety recommendations, 2-factor authentication, blacklist monitoring, IP lockout, simple security tweaks and core, plugin and theme code checks.

We will block the bad guys by:

  • Limiting login attempts to block attackers trying to guess your password.
  • Scanning plugins, themes and WordPress core files for changes to the code.
  • Using 404 detection to stop bots that are scanning for vulnerabilities.
  • Keeping detailed logs of every user action from file modifications to settings changes.
  • Using trigger timed or permanent site bans with both manual and automatic IP controls.
  • Adding another layer of protection by changing security keys on a schedule.
  • Monitoring blacklists to alert you if your site has been flagged as unsafe
  • Setting up 2-factor authentication to protect your site with both a password and a phone.
  • Setting how long the Remember me” option will keep users logged in to your site.
  • Allowing exceptions to lockout rules to prevent administrators from losing access.
  • Monitoring security issues, updates and backups for your site
  • Checking for known issues with themes and plugins you have installed, with scans for all or any suspicious behavior in your system files.

We will provide you with a HRank report / score, which entails an in-depth website analysis showing how to improve your rankings and online visibility through SEO, social media, usability and much more.

We will perform to one hour of labor per scan, first ensuring that your site is secure and safe, and work to improve the performance of your website. We will also include minor content updates to your website as part of these plans.


Weekly Scans Up to One Hour Each Scan to Analyze / Work on Safety and Improvements Normally $499/month … Limited Time Offer > Just $349/month

Monthly Scans Up to One Hour Each Scan to Analyze / Work on Safety and Improvements –Normally $129/month … Limited Time Offer > Just $99/month

Dedicated Hours Per Month to Devote Exclusively to Your Site

Call Us for Quote (800) 615-9349

Our goal is to HELP our clients do what they do best and that is to manage their online business successfully. We've been customizing solutions for our clients for nearly 20 years.

Let us help you.

PS: Need your site converted to WordPress? We can do that too!! Email [email protected] for a quote.
Plus, we offer our active managed WordPress solution clients FREE domain* renewals.
*One year renewals of .com, .net and .org extensions
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