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Jan 24, 2015
You are wanting to have a blog but you have no idea where to start. Do not worry, here I will show you fest free blogging sites to help you have a blog in some steps.

Blogging for your business is a great way to promote your ideas, build credibility for your product or service but add a human aspect to your business. Decide whether you want to take a blog or not is not the hard part. It is much rather difficult to find the proper way to do it with so many tools and platforms from different blogs out there. I have compiled three platforms free and easy blogs (and perhaps not so well known as so you can start in minutes.

WordPress has quickly become one of the most popular platforms, not just for blogs, but also for large sites such as CNN, the New York Times, BBC, eBay, Yahoo and many, many more...

WordPress is great because it offers options for every type of user. If you want to start your blog quickly without having knowledge of design or technical knowledge, WordPress offers a fantastic selection of free designs you can install on your site with a click to give it its unique touch. allows you to host your site on WordPress servers so free, so no need to worry about setting up and paying your own accommodation. Also do not need any technical knowledge to start.

The small WordPress disadvantage is you can not use your own custom theme (must choose one), and you can not load plugins. These are things that can become important to you as your blog grows, but are not necessary if you are just starting.

Besides being quick and easy to set up and use, best of WordPress is that it is a project of Open Source software, which means that developers worldwide are working hard at all times to solve problems and make work as well as possible for the benefit of all. This means that when updates are made, there are a lot of people controlling and working to ensure that everything works properly, so you do not have to worry about whether the system can fall and take days to fix.

Tumblr can make it even easier to set up and install than WordPress, but not the level of functionality or support that WordPress offers. However, it is ideal for fast, Tumblr publications makes it easy to organize, track and share your message with others via the media type you want to publish the options offered, such as text, photo, video, quotes, links and more.

Tumblr is famous for having one of the configuration process simpler blogs. Just enter your email address, password and website and you will be taken immediately to your board. Select the type of message you want to use and add your content ...

You can customize the look of your blog by clicking the Preferences button.

Tumblr is ideal to have a blog up quickly, especially if you are unfamiliar with codes, but does not allow many customizations as WordPress. You can, for example, implement a complex blog for business and then use a blog to Tumblr to post quick tidbits, fun facts, and relevant photos and videos, in addition to the contents of your main blog.

Blogspot or Blogger is a free blogging service from Google with bandwidth and unlimited storage, and especially resistant to hacker intrusion data is not lost. Blogger is the #1 choice for novice bloggers that fund or security knowledge is poor.

Advantages of Blogger:
No extra charges beyond a pre-season Domain (You do not need to spend any cost to create a successful blog by BlogSpot. You are granted a free domain name with a *, using free hosting unlimited from Google. If you want a more professional investors only need about $10 to register a domain name internationally is that good!)
- Ensure the security and confidentiality: As this is owned by Google nobody can hack your blogger account is easy.
- There are many SEO Standard Template, beautiful interface that is completely free.
- Developed from Google so he could be a little more priority
- Do not worry about security issues as DDos, Botnet, Local Attack.
- Easy to use for beginners
- Knowledge of the Code does not need much (the info is still better)
- Easy to sign up for Google Adsense
- Fast page loading speed

The Disadvantages of Blogger:
- Depends on Google (If you violate the provisions of the policy and Google is obviously your blog will be a death mercilessly.)
- 1 domain name is used only for one blog (WordPress Multi Domain)
- The ability to classify the article has not really good
- Support inferior WordPress SEO

With these recommendations I wanted to give you some ideas for some of the best free options for blogs, mainly because the market is saturated with lots of different options to choose from. The platform uses TO eventually to set up your blog, or weblog if you prefer, really up to you. I recommend trying one or all of the here in named to find out what you feel most comfortable.

I would like to hear which are your favorite free blogging sites that you like most and why?


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Nov 11, 2014
Few More sites:

Its free you can start blog here there are several theme you can pick for your blog.

There are three different types of journals you can start with Penzu Daily Diary, Expressive Journal, and Travel Journal.

SquareSpace is create and advance platform good for business owners, musicians photographers and store owners.

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Jan 23, 2015
If you're {you're being plural} serious about making money online...and serious about anyone taking you seriously - DO NOT use a free blog with a subdomain. Invest the modest sum of money needed to get your own domain and hosting. looks infinitely better than or


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Nov 26, 2014
I agree with this, you can pick up a domain these days for $10 per year and hosting for $5 per month. Such a small investment will allow for much more growth and potential than utilizing a service that intends to generate revenue off of you via advertising or other means.
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