1. Skull

    Questions on Blogging

    What topic should i write about? I'd been blogging about my hobbies but it is not pulling in any money, why? Engagements are low in my blog what should do? Some of the random questions on blogging. I could suggest a lot of things and others as well about what to blog. The question is...
  2. akshaychouhan785

    Blogger or Wordpress! Which blogging platform should I use?

    I have been using wordpress free account for about 1 year and I am pretty satisfied with the service but now i'm thinking of buy a premium domain for earning through my blog. Please tell me which platform will be good for that purpose!
  3. mildredtabitha

    Is it compulsory for someone to be fluent in English for them to start blogging?

    I understand that not all of us have English as their native language. Some learned in school and some have been raised speaking it. Although we can all communicate well with each other, not everything said will follow the general grammar rules. So many of us have something to write but our...
  4. magicandre1981

    Is WordPress a CMS, a Blogging platform, a CMF, or something else?

    As I know wordpress started as a blogging platform then evolved into a CMS, after it was developed as CMF (Content Management Framework) but I want to know exactly what it is? In my personal opinion it's just a blogging platform and you can start doing somethings with it like creating...
  5. Ron Killian

    5 Better Blogging Tips and Tricks

    I don't claim to be a blogging pro, far from it. But I've learned a few things over the years when it comes to blogging, usually the hard way, so I'd thought I share my experience. Ready? Quality Layout This probably doesn't need to be mentioned, but it does. Most bloggers get it. It...
  6. Nytshade

    Blogging Your Way To Success In 2016

    Hey ladies & gents, today I'm going to share with you some tips about blogging for success in 2016. The people who'll find this tutorial valuable are mostly people who want to start a blog from scratch or have tried everything else but failed and want to start fresh. Even someone who just...
  7. sunshine5637

    Question about blogging

    I'm trying to come up with a niche for my blog. I need some advice here because I certainly don't want to do something I shouldn't be doing... Let's say I decide to create a website and promote I'll need some recipes. Do I need to promote recipes that only I came up with? If I...
  8. CyberAlchemist

    Is Blogging Hard?

    Obviously it is subjective but after trying out a few potential writers from freelancer sites to write for my blogs, I realized that it's quite hard for people who are not professional writers. What do you guys think about my point?
  9. The Atlantic

    Blogging vs Vlogging - What should you choose?

    So I currently blogging on my blog. However, I am pretty interested in starting to vlog as well. I know about how to SEO for blog posts, but no concepts on a Vlog.... Any good how to videos on this matter? I want to get good google juice from my vlog as well as it be more beneficial for my...
  10. Danlucy

    Is blogging like writing for a eBook or much easier?

    Are you a blogger and do you agree that doing blogging like writing for a eBook or much easier? Any comments?
  11. rainmaker11

    What is the benefit of blogging?

    I am seeing many new blogs are created daily and why some people just abandon their blogs since they don't even know how to blog and blogging for what. So guys why do you start your blog? and what do you think about the benefit of blogging?
  12. BillEssley

    Backlink Building Tactics in Guest Blogging?

    I want to my links on guest blog posts safe and more SEO benefit when doing guest blogging on other blogs. What link building tactics should I follow: 1, 2 or 3 backlinks are good? Should I use anchor text link or direct URLs in the post? Link to homepage, categories or detail pages? Thanks...
  13. roggy

    What you are Blogging for?

    Hey folks, I want to know that for what purpose or what reason you are blogging? for making money online or your hobby? Do you have more time for blogging?
  14. TonmoyParves

    whats the best method to build backlinks for amazon niche blogging

    Hello Guys, how are you all? hope everyone of you guys are good. I'm also good. I'm facing few problems. I want to hear from experience guys. Please feel fee to share your experience I'm thinking to build up an Amazon specific niche blog and now I'm facing problem with backlinks. Would you...
  15. Laviskajoermoy

    Which is better for blogging?

    I'm also going to vote for WordPress as an easy best blogging tool. I found more good features and themes that I can use them for new blog. WordPress is also easy to install and use on any web hosting you choose! what's about your choice? what is the best blogging platform for you?
  16. wellwisher

    Which type of PayPal account to choose to claim blogging income?

    Please suggest me which type of PayPal account I should choose to receive my blogging income? PayPal offers Personal and Business type account.
  17. McCauley

    Easy ways to earn money on blogging?

    Hey Guys, Have you do blogging for your blog? What are easy ways to earn money on blogging?
  18. marciayudkin

    Blogging For Yourself vs. Staff Blogging, Which one do you prefer?

    Hi everyone, What are your thoughts on Blogging For Yourself and Staff Blogging, which one do you prefer? Why?
  19. kingoftraffic

    What are you using to make money blogging?

    Hey guys, are you using Adsense or making money from affiliate commission on your blogs, what types of monetization program you use to make money blogging? Please share best methods
  20. aceofadsense

    how to earn from blogging with a wordpress blog

    Hey can anyone explain how to earn from blogging with a wordpress blog? and SEO is needed for blogging or other methods?