How to prepare a Web Design Tutorial Video?

raj kumar

Aug 9, 2014
Preparing a web design tutorial video requires lot of planning since the content included in the course should aim to meet the demands of the users of the video. The content included in the course should be in detail but concise which makes the explanation of the material more easy and readable. Concise course materials are to the point and makes the learning more convenient. Building organized and detailed course material makes the tutorial videos more outstanding. Use of simple and practical course material helps the users in getting indepth knowledge about the web design concepts. Step-by-step learning process helps the users proper understanding of the web design courses.

Preparing web design tutorial video

1)Proper use of elements of design-While preparing a web design tutorial video, you have to make sure that there is proper understanding of elements of design. There has to be basic understanding of a good design of the contrast, layout, proper use of texture, patterns, borders etc. One of the essential pre requisite of preparing a web design tutorial video is to make sure that your website looks very creative. Apart from creativity there has to be depth with the texture of the website.

2)Include all the topics of web design that the video is composed of- When you have created a web design tutorial video, it is important to include all the topics of the course along side which the video explains. With the help of contents and topics, it becomes more easy for the students to learn and get through the course structure. Inclusion of topics and course contents makes the students learning more easy.

3)Make the learning more easy by using simple language which is helpful for beginners- Once you have mentioned the contents on your tutorial website, it is important to make use of simple language for the learners. You have to make sure that the learners of your website would belong to all age group. Therefore, you have to prepare the video which guides the beginners and makes the learning experience more enjoyable.

4)Build career oriented courses-It is very important to build career-oriented course on your website. Building career-oriented courses helps the students to make use of their learning. With the help of courses, the users can create their own websites.

5)Make the videos very practical- while preparing a web design tutorial, you have to make sure that you teach practical web design skills and techniques. It is important to make sure that the video aims to teach the students cutting edge web design. The tutorial videos should be to the point practical training. The videos should be designed in such a way that it makes the web designer learn the web design skills and convert the beginner into an expert professional web designer.

6)Build concise tutorial videos- Building concise videos makes the learning experience more easy and enjoyable. Use of long discussions and useless theories makes no sense. Therefore, while preparing a video, it is important to note that the videos are very concise and to the point and in easy language. Concise videos helps in explaining the entire course structure and also makes the users understand the course material in proper manner.

7)Access to subscription-Making web design tutorial videos accessible to the users. For making the tutorial videos accessible to the users, you have to make the subscriptions available to the users. With the availability of subscriptions, it helps to attract the users and further it gives them a good learning process.

With the help of proper course structuring, use of concise course material, easy method of explanation of videos, organized course material, a tutorial video helps the users to act as a guide in their learning. Through use of a tutorial video, the fundamentals of web design, the details of course can be learned more easily by the users. Listing of the detailed course content in a concise manner is important as it helps the beginners to learn the basic fundamentals of web design.

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