1. bradleynnelson

    Looking for Feedback on White Label Web Design Provider in the UK

    I'm thinking of hiring this white label web design provider for my upcoming project, and I wanted to gather some opinions and feedback before making a final decision. Has anyone here had any experience with them or heard anything about their services? I'm particularly interested in their...
  2. bradleynnelson

    What are the 5 elements of effective web design?

    HELP! What are the 5 elements of effective web design?
  3. R

    Web Design Question

    Hello everyone! I am a freshman and finishing my second semester at the University of Kentucky. I have an interest in Web Design as a career but I am not sure what career path or major I should follow. The university offers computer science, computer engineering, and graphic design as majors...
  4. D

    Where to start to learn web design?

    If what interests you is learning to make web pages by writing their source code, what interests you is learning to write code in the HTML5 and CSS languages. HTML5 is not a programming language. It is a layout language. What differences there are? A programming language allows you to define...
  5. edwineholland

    Web design quality opinion

    Hi guys, I'm a junior UI/UX designer, and just recently I've been asked to create this website this is my best project thus far and I worry if it will be liked by our Senior UI/UX designer. It si a serious project and I must do it perfectly to stay in the company. Could you give...
  6. shivambhatele

    Looking for Graphic Design Book

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a graphic design book to grow my skills in designing. I have checked on google to find graphic design books and found some author's books but I am confused about which one is better. Can anyone know the best book for a beginner point?
  7. Paul67

    5 Vital Elements of Quality Web Design

    How our audience perceives our brand is entirely based on our web design.
  8. djsmiley2k

    Responsive design vs Dedicated App

    My website has already a responsive design but some people suggested that I should have an app for mobile users. Is that true? What is the difference between responsive design and dedicated app? do they have any benefits or advantages?
  9. Bravosi

    Prelude to web design

    Hello! Let me introduce myself first, I'm new here. I'm interested in learning about web development, but in particular, the imagination I have for the design of a website is tremendous. No matter how good of a web developer you are, you must have a decent and creative design, which attracts...
  10. jannah

    How to Design a Great "About Us" Page on Your Website

    I need some inspiration for my About Us page :) so please help me how to create a good one.
  11. jannah

    Tell me about the best design piece from your portfolio

    Since I was new in the world of graphic artist, I want to ask about an idea of some design that we can include to our portfolio so it can be easy to apply for a job.
  12. ForwardWeb - Branden

    Looking to improve our website design soon could use some help

    This is our current website how can we make it better in your eyes we are looking to do a revamp in about 4 months we are a design firm by trade but its always nice to get community feedback
  13. RyalJam

    Potential CMS for website design for SEO?

    Which is the Potential CMS nowadays for website design for seo point of view, please share your view ?
  14. technbyte

    Review the updated Design of our Website - Tech N Byte

    Hello Folks, We've recently redesigned our Official Website. Leave us review regarding the new design. Suggest us to bring improvements. Any suggestion will be cordially appreciated. Regards Miskat Mahmud Tech N Byte
  15. M

    Review our website design

    Hi, We have recently upgraded our website so kindly review its design and the functions and readability ..
  16. LarsJ

    WordPress Hosting & Designs - FREE Design Template - FREE iThemes Security

    Hosting And Designs L.L.C. WHY CHOOSE US? We always offer: 1) No contracts. 2) 100% USA Tech Support. 3) Testimonials: 4) Wordpress designs, FREE or custom design work available. 5) iThemes...
  17. wiljonjr

    Where can I Learn Web Design Online?

    I plan to have my own website but i want to create it on my own since I do have basic knowledge in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  18. Questlot

    Best Web Design Software

    Is there any good web design software i can get without buying the software. I want to design a small website but i don't know the particular software to use. Please recommend the best software that i can use for website design.
  19. gelotologist

    Which is the best for creating a design or logo for business.. Adobe Illustrato or Adobe Photshop?

    I've been using Photoshop my whole life and it's not bad at all but all of my friends told me to switch to Adobe Illustrator, the reason why they want me to switch is because they said that it focus more on design and also the Photoshop is a pixel based.
  20. bb_froi

    Effective Web Design

    How can I make an effective web design?