How to Fix SSL protocol error in Chrome


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Mar 2, 2023

TO download the from the site.
1. First, you must go to your search engine and open the link in the New Tab.

2. Now, after opening the link, you will be able to see the button for downloading chrome. Click on it to start downloading.

After completing the solution and check it if there is any problem after refreshing the site.

3. Synchronized management is conducted as it affects SSL connection across the web. Additionally, some SSL certificates depend on the device's inbuilt date and time, so if your date and time are incorrect, you have to adjust them.
For Windows User

1. For windows user you have to search the date and time settings on the device search bar.

2. You have to turn on the set time and Zone automatically

For Mac User
1. Mac users can open the system settings on their device.

2. Now click on General

3. Then select Date & time option automatically

Now after completing the process go back to your site and refresh it by clicking F5

Paul Wellner Bou

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Apr 20, 2016
Your answer provided above is a general approach to fixing the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome, but it may not work for all cases. It is important to note that SSL errors can be caused by various issues, such as outdated SSL certificates, incorrect system time and date, browser cache issues, and more.

The first step of downloading Chrome is not directly related to fixing the SSL error, as the issue can occur in any browser. Instead, it is recommended to try clearing the browser cache and cookies first, as this can often solve the problem.

For Windows users, in addition to checking the system date and time settings, it may also be necessary to check the Windows Root Certificate Program. This program manages the trusted root certificates on the device and can cause SSL errors if the certificates are outdated or missing.

For Mac users, it may be necessary to check the Keychain Access app, which manages the SSL certificates on the device. If the SSL certificate is expired or missing, it can cause SSL errors.

In addition, it may be necessary to check the SSL/TLS settings in the browser and ensure that they are configured correctly. Some websites may require specific SSL/TLS protocols or cipher suites, so adjusting the settings may be necessary. While the answer provided above is a good starting point, it is important to understand that fixing SSL errors can be complex and require a combination of different solutions. If the issue persists after trying the suggested solution, it may be necessary to seek additional help from a technical expert.
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