How do I find my FileZilla password?


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Mar 2, 2023
There are basically three methods to find the filezilla password :

Method 1: Search and Retrieve :

1. First you have to go to filezilla and click on the top left corner and then tap on the export option.

2. Now after tapping you will see a pop - up window on the screen displaying the categories you want to export. There select the option “export site manager entries” and then click ok.

3. Now you have to export the xml file to your personal computer. Export the downloaded file to any folder in your computer or laptop file explorer.

Method 2 : Exploring the XML file :

1. You have to go to the downloaded xml file and then right click on it to open. You can open the file by just using notepad or browser. Otherwise you can just double tap on the file to open it directly. As of now we are opening it in Notepad++.

2. Now after opening the file you will get to see the site login details. Instead of manual search you have to just press CTRL + F.

3. In the find dialogue box just type the site name for instance - My site where the password is located and just click on find next. The automated search then will take you to the section containing the site name.

4. Now you have to start looking for the password and copy it. For example - there will be a data string which represents the word “USER” and “PASS” . You just have to copy that password which is mentioned between these words.

Wait dont go anywhere the job doesnt end here The Next step is to decode through online tools since this password is encrypted with base 64 code. You have to just copy the encoded password.

Method 3 : Filezilla Passoword Decode

Step 1: Now after copying the password, go to the search engine and type “ Decode base 64”. Click on any of the first appeared URLs in the search results.

Step 2: Once the URL Is opened you have to just paste the password and then tap on the deode option. Then you will be able to see the original FTP password.

Hope this was helpful!!!

Paul Wellner Bou

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Apr 20, 2016
The steps that you provided seem to be a legitimate way of finding the FileZilla password using the XML file. The three methods outlined are the commonly used methods for retrieving the password from the FileZilla client. Additionally, other methods include using a password recovery tool or resetting the password if you have access to the FTP server. However, the methods provided in your answer can be useful when trying to recover the password from the local machine when the password is not stored or forgotten. I think it is good to try and apply if we face same problem. :)


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Jun 9, 2014
To find your FileZilla password, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open FileZilla.
  2. Click on the "File" menu.
  3. Select "Export."
  4. In the "Export File Type" dialog box, select "Site Manager entries."
  5. Click on the "Save" button.
  6. Save the file to a location where you can easily find it.
  7. Open the saved file in a text editor.
  8. Look for the entry for the site whose password you want to find.
  9. The password will be in the "Password" field.
If your password is encoded, you can use a base64 decoder to decode it.

Here are some additional tips for finding your FileZilla password:

  • If you have a master password, you can use it to unlock the Site Manager window.
  • You can also export your passwords to a text file and store the file in a safe place.
  • If you have forgotten your master password, you can reset it in the FileZilla settings.
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