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Are bloggers buying comments?

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    Are bloggers buying comments?

    I have visited a few blogs recently that I found that some blogs are getting quality comments while some are not. that made me suspicious, bloggers are controlling comments on their blogs or it came from their traffic naturally?
    Are bloggers buying comments? any thoughts?

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    In a society (be it an online society) where we have:

    forum owners buying members and posts
    facebook users buying likes
    twitter users buying followers
    website owners buying video testimonials

    One should be barely surprised when they realize some
    bloggers buy comments...

    It's becoming as popular as the list I posted above.

    I visited a site a few weeks back and it had a slew of
    comments throughout it's blog. Yet, when I checked
    Alexa and Google, the site had NO alexa ranking and
    no links in Google, AND, the domain he was using had
    been registered just 2 weeks prior, LOL...

    When using sneaky tactics such as this, you'd think the
    owner would be a little wiser... Guess that's what I get
    for thinking, eh? LOL.

    I am not claiming that the sites you have visited are in
    fact purchasing those comments. I'm simply asnwering
    your "Are bloggers buying comments?" question...

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    While I am sure there might be some bloggers buying comments, from my experience, many of the do not. Least the ones I've frequented. Many of them get comments the old fashioned way by commenting on other related blogs and by networking.

    It's not difficult at all to get a good number of comments to your blog. Yes it is time consuming, but very possible.

    Obviously, when you comment on other blogs, often the blog owner will feel the need to reciprocate, and of course most of them are also looking to get traffic from commenting and looking to network themselves.

    So, age of site or Alexa rank doesn't mean anything if you put in the effort and comment yourself. You could put up a brand new blog tomorrow, doing some heavy commenting and in a day or two have a good amount of comments.

    I've done it, it works. Though I am sure some may argue if it's worth the time investment. Jury is still out for me as well.

    Plus there is the networking. Build up some contacts, make friends, and they could be a quick flow of comments to a new blog, future blog posts, ect.

    There is one other side effect of commenting, you can build up a group of people who happily share your content on social media. It's worked for me. Now, if I was just more consistent

    I can almost guarantee, in most cases, the blogs without comments are not out commenting themselves.

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    Here are my thoughts on buying comments.

    *I believe they do happen especially to those who think it can attract traffic or gain popularity but not for long.

    *Buying comments is like deceiving yourself. The public knows better and cannot be fooled for a long time especially if those comments do not really reflect the work made. Besides you double your efforts in buying comments and make unnecessary spending.

    *It is better to earn your praise, respect or reactions from your blog the natural way. It is not only freely given but also a reflection of what your public is expecting from you. You learn and make improvements based on their reactions. Your positive response is your way of showing your appreciation and earning your loyal following in the process which have more far reaching positive effects in the long run for your blog’s continued success.

    *While the blogger has a way of controlling whether to show all comments or not, it is best that both negative and positive comments be shown and replied in a gracious manner as a way of appreciation or desire to make room for improvements. Pure positive comments may appear as "superficial" or self-serving. The only ones that need to be deleted are the repetitive comments that are "too personal" or "using abusive language.

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    There are blogs which have the paid services where users get money for valid commenting. But it's really not helpful. The more fruitful comment you get on the best forums without any cost. The SEO point of view such forums are on the top, instead of paid commenting blogs.
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    I have to agree with this. One common mistake of newbie bloggers (I suppose I still belong to this group) is not commenting on other blogs.
    I have been reading an e-book titled "How to Win Friends and Influence People" and one of the important principles outlined in that e-book is to make others feel important and you do that by
    1.listening (or in this case reading)
    2. Appreciation (you can show this through commenting)

    What you have posted here is actually very helpful. Commenting on other blogs also exposes your blog address to other online users outside your circle.


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    I think it happens. The fact that there are some postings on online job portals hiring someone to comment on their blogs would be an enough proof. Though I think it is just a rare case. If your blog is really good the people would automatically comment on the post.

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    yes there is website to buy comment, view, likes and follower
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaygriWEB View Post
    yes there is website to buy comment, view, likes and follower
    Not only a website and more websites are offering services to provide comments, likes, views, followers if you want.
    The quality of service depends on which service you will choose and how much you will pay

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