How to Create an Infographic to Promote any Business


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Feb 9, 2015
How to create an effective inforgraphic to drive traffic, quality visitors to your website in any type of business. Here are the 6 tips that I found it useful to share everyoune.

1. Make a plan
Before you start, be clear about the purpose of your graphics. Is it a difficult concept to simplify, share boring statistics or awareness? Take note of all the good reasons you have to create this infographic. Once you are clear about your goal, gradually describe the process. To begin, you will use a template?

There are many tools that allow you to download the templates and create beautiful infographics for free. I will not suggest you, you will try google it and find out for your self, these tools will allow you to create infographics and attractive presentations and publish them on any web site or blog or download them as images or PDFs. That's enough.

2. Add value first, aesthetic after
Do not just create an infographic because everyone else in your industry are doing. Instead, do your research first and compile the information you are sharing.

Creating a good infographic is very similar to creating a good movie. You should research from a variety of sources to visualize what will be his mensaje.La best way to start is to play with the data you have and see how they flow together. Do not dwell on the "image" before having to share valuable data.

Some designers are driven by the construction of the most beautiful visual design with little substance or value to share. Do not be one of them! When confused, a good question to ask is "share this infographic if I were the reader?" If your answer is yes, chances are others interested in the subject will too.

3. Tell a story
An attractive infographic tells a story that is bold and flows well. Use figures instead of tables and graphs that are unattractive. First of all, check if you have an argument and if this is worthy to be counted. Like a movie, your graphics should have a main character from which to depart. His "hero" could be the concept you are trying to explain or raise awareness.

A good story will have a beginning, middle and end. Try this with your infographic, putting a point forward, proving or supporting your point with substantial data and concluding at the end. Moreover, try to share something that is unique. That does not mean try to find a concept that has never been explained by a graph, but put your unique and personal spin on it.

4. Use color theory
Color is one of the most important aspects. The human brain processes the color almost instantly in 250 milliseconds, so you want to ensure that your color palette is attractive to keep readers hooked.

The general rule for the design of an infographic is the use of a light (but not white!) As background, keeping away from the dark tones and neon. According to online magazines, it is best to use the three primary colors, with the lighter background, and the two darker to separate the sections.

5. Have an opinion
It's always a good idea to show the final version to others before publishing online infographics. Show your work to several people and seek opinions. Are very difficult to handle colors? Is Fit infographic to be shared? Is it interesting? Attractive?

After receiving the responses, analyze the results and apply the changes.

6. Make it easy to share
Remember that create a good graphics and it will go viral are two completely different things. Find experts in your field of interest and ask their opinions and ideas. Send it to other sites that infographics by lot and share with other bloggers. Alternatively, you can write a post accompanying its graphics and send them to sites that accept guest posts. It takes effort, but it will be time well spent.

To publish it on your site, do not forget to add the embed code along with the social media buttons that make it easy to share. You can also write a press release and submit it to the free web sites instead.

Here's my simple tip on how to create an Infographic to promote any business,
Do you have any other tips??
please add extra tips here. I'm glad to read them :)



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Nov 11, 2014
Few More Tips:

1. Survey
The best way is send a survey to your customers and ask them feedback to report on in your infographic.

2. Key Points
Expend your key points into two or three sentences and connect relevant point with your business.

3. Creating Infographics
Find someone from oDesk or Freelancer who specialize in creating infographics make sure to add your logo, your website URL, and description of what your business does.

4. Infographic Promotion
Start promoting your infographic to social media networks and your blog or website Ask your friends who run online business as well feature your infographic on their blogs.
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