5 Easy Tip to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings


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Jan 28, 2015
For your new website and want to have visitors, you need to your keywords or web pages listed on first page of Google search results, it's no easy task as more and more websites and content are fighting to get the first positions in the world's biggest search engine today.

Without going into too much detail, there are basic questions that you should consider, notions to bring it to your web significance quickly and clearly, then depend on whether the content is good or not, and to position content garbage can be profitable but it is not the we want to talk about in this thread.

1/ On Page SEO
SEO On Page Look after the titles of each section of your website, try to compose always thinking about how people are looking for a content as soon as your content more matches that seeks more likely to appear in top spots have.

However, it is not only the content, it is a good web programming. This has to load quickly, use the correct tags (H1 for titles, H2 for subtitles), use meta descriptions, images with corresponding ALT, and an orderly and accessible structure. Also, you should have a sitemap.

2/ Promote your website
Promote your website It sociable. Interact with other websites and blogs, leave your comments always referring to your website, but do not spam, always leave content that adds and friendly and appreciative.

Your goal is to get people to start going to your site and the remaining work will the content. Participate in forums, Write good articles on sites like Taringa and other social markers.

3/ Focus on attracting
Interesting Content Your page is like a magazine. People will always visit the content is good, but we must not get in the way and you can write very well but not attract people. Always try to work with issues of the day and why not, a bit sensational.

If you write a blog, try not to arm posts huge unemployment also very short. Use many titles to sort the issues and ideas, using images. Always position yourself in the place of your hearing. Searching for content to be shared and encourages the audience to participate leaving your comments, posing unknown. Then it is friendly and answered all questions.

4/ Form relationships
Form relationships Search for any website or blog that has a similar theme site, try to let you know and then find some trade pact. Both will benefit if the sites have a similar audience as it would be a way to expand their audiences.

It is best not mentioned in a blogroll but as part of an article you compose, always trying to add value to the reader (That does not look like an advertisement).

5/ Do not forget social networks
Facebook-Twitter-Google Is how to tell those who have already decided to stay to read your site, you have something new to show. It is essential to be on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ . Try daily share things that you think may be interested to reach audience you are aiming for.

What are your tips to add to my thread? Please share your SEO methods to improve our search rankings


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Jan 13, 2015
Hi Ricardo,

Nice post... If I where you I would of added this to the blog with entering the http://www.webmastersun.com/threads/8330-Blog-Articles-Contest-Award-50-to-The-Winner!

To add I think its real important that people are aware of G's hummingbird.... Its hugely important and something I am sure many people neglect to make an effort to understand it....

In sum this means that G really looks at your website content with examining internal links and semantic keyword relations... Therefore for on-page SEO it really helps if you use categories, sub categories, deeply nested pages and link those together as part of a website silo. Look at Wikipedia as great example of a website which uses internal link building to connect semantically related topics, keywords etc - within the body of article as well as at the end as references, further reading etc... Implementing this can help G's crawlers to gain a deeper understanding of your website...

Beyond on-page SEO is of course off-page SEO tactics... which ultimately is about getting links from authority domains (not easy ones which you can create yourself on web 2.0 sites, article submission, directory submission etc) - as G will detect very obvious signals/footprints that you are gaming the system... Hint - so avoid temptation of getting easy links as that tends to be spammy in the eyes of G and will kill your hard work... with backlinks these days its not quantity but quality! ... and of course social media helps and thats a great focus to have...

Now if you are into selling stuff - then in my opinion its important that your no.1 focus should be list building - through offering a bonus incentive and thereafter to provide great value mixed with subtle efforts of promoting products which you believe will provide value... List building is a massive subject on its own - the important thing here is not to spam your own list ;-)


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