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  1. M

    Search Engine Optimization is a backbone of website

    Hi Guy, Hope you are fine, Well I am confused sometimes We follow SEO but unfortunately, our website ******.org is down at the time. I just need a short story/ tips to understand the base of SEO. So share your useful tips. Thank you
  2. Ericka Francisco

    Search Engine Marketing?

    It is a great marketing medium and a very efficient way for you to grow your business and increase profit.This involves the process of purchasing ads on search engines to gain website traffic. It includes administering an online marketing strategy to ensure that your website can be easily found...
  3. Michele diamond

    How long would it take a WordPress subdomain site to come up on Google search engine?

    When you create a subdomain with WordPress, how long could it take for the site to be visible on Google search engine?
  4. Maria_C

    How relevant is Bing search engine for SEO

    Any one here still using bing? How relevant is it, do you still get traffic
  5. DTS-NET

    What is the best way to use SEO or Search Engine Optimization

    There are so many SEO ideas What really works There so many programs related Search Engine Optimization How do you protect your self from being rip off
  6. Moebuntu

    Move websites without losing search engine rankings?

    I always have to move my sites to new hosting at least a year a time and it happens regularly and the important thing is how to keep search engine rankings when moving sites. In your point of view, what is the best way to move these websites without losing the SEO and keyword rankings?
  7. noorucn

    What is a CTR for an ad in Google search engine?

    I wonder what is CTR for ad results in Google serp? is it really useful in getting traffic more than the first placed search result?
  8. novandak

    Do startups need search engine optimization?

    Some said that "You only need SEO if you have a website that you want people to find it via search engines." so startups will need it? Different people have different interpretations, and some aslo will tell you that many startups should not pay a lot of attention to SEO, because they're not...
  9. sweta91

    How we get top ranks on search engine with help of few backlinks?

    Can we get top ranks by giving some backlinks to our domain. what is best resources of internal pages backlinks?
  10. Hometutor

    Google - It's Just a Search Engine Get Over It

    Ahhh sacrilege! There are people making a full time living telling you differently. If you don't appease the god Google by getting a high search engine ranking your business is doomed! There are forums that so fear the myth of burning in the hell of duplicate content that the owners will not...
  11. Maxoq

    Do Google+ shares help search engine ranking?

    If you get many Google+ shares to your web pages or your Google+ page, will that help improve better keyword rankings in Google search results? Any inputs would be appreciated.
  12. jasonquey

    How do Search Engine Bots Work?

    I heard more about search engine bots like Googlebot, Yahoo slurp, Bing bot but I was wondering how they work on my website? Are they machines or real people? Do Bots help improve search rankings if they visit my site regularly?
  13. Haniaroad

    HTML, CCS, or JAVA to Create Search Engine for Beginner Coder?

    Greetings, I am fairly new to coding and only have mild experience with HTML. I understand that coding a searchable database or "google-like" search engine is rather simple and can be done without much experience. I have been trying to teach myself to code a fully searchable database of .edu...
  14. Flybreak

    Travel Ideas search engine

    Hi all, The last few months I am working with a friend on a travel project and I would like your feedback as experienced internet users. Url is The idea of is to give answer to this kind of questions "Where can I go with my family this weekend for 500$" We were...
  15. pabitra

    Does a DMOZ listing affect my Google search engine ranking?

    I just want to know if my site get listed in Dmoz directory then it can improve Google search engine ranking or not? If yes, why? Thank in advance
  16. agungwah

    WTS Boost Your site with GSA Search Engine

    agungwah submitted a new resource: Boost Your site with GSA Search Engine - Boost Your site with GSA Search Engine Read more about this resource...
  17. jonathan85

    How to Speed up Search Engine Indexing

    Quality content is the most important for your readers firstly because it is an great way to build your brand reputation online. However, to pass dozens of competitions on the World Wide Web, it is very difficult to get on first page of the SERPs , you need to let search bots know that your...
  18. Ricardo

    5 Easy Tip to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

    For your new website and want to have visitors, you need to your keywords or web pages listed on first page of Google search results, it's no easy task as more and more websites and content are fighting to get the first positions in the world's biggest search engine today. Without going into...
  19. justsmallsteps

    How to make BingBot Search Engine Spider visit my site regularly?

    Hello, How to make BingBot Search Engine Spider visit my site regularly? while Google spider's visited my site daily to crawl and indexing new web page but Bing bot is not :)
  20. Maxwell

    Is it possible to make a simple search engine?

    Hi everyone, I need a basic search engine for a relatively well organized categories to marketing sites. Does you know any good tutorials, ebooks or other resources to do that. I do researched some sources via search engines but still not my expectations. Alternatively if you knew...