The Secret Recipe for Content Marketing Success


Jan 24, 2015
Achieve the long-awaited engagement with consumers, it is the dream of any brands. To achieve this task, there are certain tools that professionals make use of marketing, one is content marketing. Here I present the secret recipe to make it successful.

Develop content easier to find, read, compatible with the preferences of the audience dirigibles and is the primary goal of this type of marketing. The recipe for the effectiveness of this strategy, there are certain essential ingredients to achieve the desired response.

If it comes to content, the goal is to surprise the audience, although the daily challenge increases due to saturation of deals there. If you want to work the muscle of creativity, you can start with a brief analysis of your competition, search for similar topics that you want to raise. The objective is to flip transform logical, always seek alternatives that your contents are special.

Excellent post useless information if the public does not know. In most cases the problem is SEO methods. To avoid this inconvenience optimizes your content by adding keywords in trends, thus enhancing the search range.

Take care of the details
Provide consumers with the necessary information to answer your question, it is something that consumers are very grateful. When this is successful, the user always returns. Post utmost attention to detail to enhance user perception. Today, everything counts and not worth anything have original content, if the rest of the experience is a disaster.

Implementing a strategy
Importantly content marketing should not be considered to achieve immediate goals, but in the medium and long term.

Share content
Generate certain types of information, can help you create a conversation with your community through social networks. It is worth mentioning that some search engines like Google, reward the original content, with the top in the list of searches, when it is classified based on certain objectives.

So, what are your recipes for content marketing success?


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Jan 13, 2015
Hi Jonathan85,

Nice post.... For me the following are also essential ingredients for content marketing success:

1) Identify your target audience. Develop various avatar's (typical profiles) which outlines age, interests, area of work, pain points, social groups etc... From that it becomes easier to write content which is targeted to helping/engaging with that specific group.

2) Develop a content marketing plan - for your site as well as off-site resources e.g. guest articles, social platforms, video sharing sites etc

3) Identify examine all of the pain points and map it to benefits of products (that is if you are into selling stuff or promoting as an affiliate)... Use this as the basis for offering great advice which in turn can help with your promotions...

4) Develop and maintain newsletter... Get folks to sign-up to your newsletter and make sure to go over and beyond with delivering stuff which otherwise is not available on your website directly...

5) Identify where your target audience hangs out online e.g. forums, social groups etc ... and develop content marketing plan for that - either through posts or paid ads etc...

On that note looking forward to seeing other member opinions...




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May 24, 2014
Being "one" with your client's or subscribers, feeling for their needs, wants, and desires proves to be key, along with proper SEO will help you. You should try to think along the same pages as the people you're seeking.

Don't be fake in your content. The public sometimes has the gift of sensing someone that is full of BS and hot air. Write from the heart. Think about what you want to say to your readers before you make it official.

Short videos lasting no longer than 3.5 minutes, but no shorter than 1 minute can make all the difference to really get your audience feeling like you do actually understand their needs and wants. Doing this compliments your content and it helps to engage them to read more of what you have to say.

Proper spelling of your content is extremely important, because you want to be seen as a professional, not a dumbass in the public eye. This is one thing both Hipcat and I look at when looking for online services. I am even looking for spelling mistakes in my own posts on forums after I post them.

There are lots of awesome points in this thread! Keep'em comin'! :)


Content by Rhonda

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Feb 10, 2015
Great post! I find as a writer that knowing how to research your content is a huge problem for many writers or blog owners. It is important that not everything is simply stuff found from a quick Google search. There are many ways to locate information so extend your research so that your articles, along with the proper SEO a mentioned above, will be a big hit!
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