Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name


Jul 7, 2012
In the steps to build a website, choosing domain name for the website is one of the first things to do and play an important role , affecting the effectiveness of the website later. I want to show you some tips when choosing domain name for your website.

1. Keywords for domain
First, you should take out about 5 keywords related to the domain name that you are looking for. Once you have that list , then you can combine or add, remove prefixes and suffixes to create a suitable domain name. This method will help you ranking your website with targeted keywords easily.

2. Choose a different domain
You shouldn't choose domain name has been known previously thus you should consider your domain. Never copy from famous domain and add hyphen, underscore, your new domain. It's easy get misunderstanding for visitors.

3. So choose the domain name with .Com extension.
If you do not pay much attention to the problems of traffic, brand recognition or brand , you do not need to care about this issue . However, if you want your website to become famous and successful in the future , you need to weigh all the factors , and the domain name .Com is a wise thing because most everyone will always type .com for the end of domain on address bar.

4. Choose the domain name easy to type on the computer
If you use number or large words in domain name then you can lose a large amount of value in terms of branding and marketing because it's difficult for users to type your domain on the keyboard.

5. Select a domain name is easy to remember
I know this more difficult for you to select because beautiful domain names are bought by previous buyers but you still have good domain easy to remember if you have good ideas for a new domain.

6. Keep your domain name as short as possible
Simply because the short name will be easy to remember and easy to type on the computer.

7. Domain names can be predicted
Select domain relate to your fields, It's best way to make your brand easy to find from users.

8. Avoid piracy
This error is not common but can be a very serious error if a company encountered. To make sure your website does not infringe the rights of domain name , you can go to the website to learn copyright before buying domain names .

9. Fore with a brand
Use a nickname or alias domain name of the website will become more prominent.

10 . Say no hyphen ( - ) and numbers
Both hyphens and numbers will make domain name of the site having problems pronounce or remembering and typing.
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