1. J

    domain registrar with privacy

    Hello, Is there ant registrar who provide cheap domains with free privacy protection? Thanks
  2. YouStable

    Which Domain Reseller you use?

    If you are in the Web Hosting business, you must use any Domain Reseller Account such as OpenSRS, ResellerClub, NameCheap, etc. Previously we used ResellerClub for a few years then after some research, we are working directly with registries for a few extensions, and apart from that we use...
  3. Dopani

    How can you avoid accidentally losing control of your domain name due to expiration or other issues?

    Hello everyone, I'm curious to know how you ensure that you never lose control of your domain name due to expiration or other issues. Losing your domain name can be a frustrating and costly experience, but with the right precautions, it's entirely avoidable. Some popular strategies include...
  4. Dopani

    How can you ensure that your domain name is always pointing to the correct website or hosting provider?

    Hi everyone, I've recently moved my website to a new hosting provider, and I want to make sure that my domain name always points to the correct website or my hosting provider. What are some steps I can take to ensure this? I'm using a popular domain registrar and I have access to my domain's...
  5. Cheerag Nundlall

    Sub domain point to another cPanel server?

    Hello I am wanting to point o sub domain to another cPanel server while main domain is on a different server. -> server 1 -> server 2 How can I do this? please guide. Thanks
  6. portuguesedude

    Domain registration with Namesilo, times have changed.

    There was a time when namesilo offered the best pricing for domain registration, and renewals. Times have changed. Now they have same pricing has OVH. I believe they wherent charging TAX for europeans clients, is it so ?
  7. Business mind

    Which domain name is the best

    Hi, I would love your opinion on either picking .com or .net as my business domain name and where to get it
  8. Kaz Wolfe

    Adding extra cpanel user for a domain name?

    Hey guys, In WHM cpanel, I want to create a new second user cpanel account for an existed domain name and this new account only can manage emails features. How can I do that?
  9. cloudytechi147

    Connect VPS with domain

    I have a website with the frontend and backend hosted with different hosting providers. The frontend of the app is in Vercel while the backend is in Linode. I also bought a domain in Cheapname, namely Right now both example dot com and redirect to the Vercel frontend...
  10. A

    How to setup domain to smarterasp

    How to setup domain to smarterasp using dns configuration
  11. djb1829

    Free .UK and domain Im NOT associated or affiliated with this company. Just thought I'd share.. on the main website no coupon code needed! Looks like They are doing free .UK and domains for anyone interested...
  12. Maxoq

    What is a premium domain name and how to sell it?

    I am just curious what is a premium domain name, what conditions? I have a few domains and they can be set as premium domains? can I sell them with higher price than normal domains?
  13. D

    Options for redirecting email for a domain

    Hi there I have something of an emergency situation with only a few days to protect a couple of my hosted domains (web and email) My main concern is protecting emails until the issue is sorted out Please can anyone advise what options are available to redirect or catch mail to a whole domain...
  14. G

    Transferring my domain to a new registrar--WHOIS security

    Hi, so I want to transfer my domain from Godaddy to Ionos, but in the process I found I have to turn off my WHOIS privacy on Goddady before I can do so (which would create a brief time of exposure of my name, address, etc.). I'm surprised there's not a secure procedure for transfer. I guess my...
  15. J

    Create website without domain and add it later?

    Hi there! I am starting in the world of website creation and development and I would like to know if there is the possibility of starting to develop a website in the Wordpress CMS without having to buy a domain. The idea is to be able to develop the web and once done, buy the domain and start...
  16. F

    best domain and server name?

    hello, you can help me, to select the best server and domain ????????
  17. JTexan

    why .com domain name is the best choice?

    Why .com domain name is the best choice? we can choose tld domain extensions like .best, .at, .hosting, .net, tv, .company...instead but why they could not compare with .com ? any reasons?
  18. T

    Is that safe to transfer a domain name from a provider to another provider?

    Hi guys, I have a doubt about transferring a domain name from one provider to another. For example, I have a domain name at GoDaddy, and it's expiring within 3 days. Is it possible to transfer a domain from one provide to another within 3 days. While transferring will my domain got expired? I...
  19. N

    Domain name insights

    How can I choose the best domain name for my business?
  20. DaRecordon

    Check domain value?

    How to check domain value without a website on it. Is there any way or tools to check? any advice?