1. Kaz Wolfe

    DNS - What is Domain Name Server?

    DNS is a domain name resolution system that was invented in 1984 for the Internet, only one system that allows setting up a correspondence between IP address and domain name. Or it can be understood that DNS on the Internet will translate the domain name that users type into the IP address. IP...
  2. robot

    Bought an .xyz domain. Do I park it or build on it?

    My girlfriend makes wire and stone jewelry. She's not ready yet to go online yet. So, I just bought a .xyz domain name that deals with jewelry. Trying to figure out if I should just park it, and take what little income from the links the parked page would give me, (knowing Google doesn't like...
  3. Dr. McKay

    Does Google consider domain extension as a keyword?

    I am just curious if Google considers domain extension as a keyword or not? Any thoughts?
  4. anilkvm85 is on SALE (Premium Domain)

    If anyone want to buy domain name, visit website and click on header banner to see the current price. Else visit GoDaddy and search to see the domain price. The domain is a premium domain because it has highly searched keywords in domain name...
  5. Chris Worner

    Expired domain names with high traffic?

    Is there a way or tool to check expired domain names with high traffic? I want to buy expired domains but I don't know about tools to start with. Any help?
  6. anilkvm85

    How to Get Domain Name Details using PHP Script?

    How to get following information through PHP script respect to any Domain Name? 1) Hosting Provider 2) Domain Name Servers 3) IP Addresses 4) Domain Registrar 5) Registration Date 6) Expiry Date If anyone have working PHP code, please share.
  7. Maxoq

    How to setup a redirection from root domain name to a sub folder?

    Hi there, How can I setup a redirection from root domain name to a sub folder? For example: when a visitor enter my website at it will be redirected to At this time, I have not got a homepage hence I would like to run a blog first, and it will currectly use as...
  8. Maxoq

    What do you think about .online domain extension?

    I have just purchased a .online domain name, its price for first year is $2.17 but next year will be $32, it is worth investing into this domain extension?
  9. fwh

    Is a premium domain?

    I am asking this because my domain registrar set this domain as premium domain. I think it is a normal domain but they thought different. What are your thoughts? Any comments?
  10. Mihai B.

    How is a premium domain?

    Can you tell me how to know if my domain name is a premium domain and if it is a normal domain, how to set it as a premium domain? almost time I see the price for the premium domains are very high which I can not go with.
  11. BillEssley

    Why my domain expiration date is not updated on whois domain name sites?

    I renewed my domain names for 2 years but when I checked my domain on a few whois domain name sites,,,,,...etc the expiration date is updated on some sites while some are not and they are still keeping old...
  12. C

    Selling Domain Name --

    cooljack submitted a new product: Selling Domain Name -- - Selling Domain Name Read more about this product...
  13. Comics0026

    Domain name suggestions

    Does anyone have any suggestions to help make a notable and easy to remember domain name? Something more than having it just be the company name, like with something interesting instead of .com. Thanks!
  14. Kaz Wolfe

    Buy bulk domain names at Namecheap?

    I want to buy around 10 domain names .com at Namecheap because its price is better than others. What do you think about this? is there any discount can I apply to get lower price at Namecheap?
  15. Dr. McKay

    Namecheap xyz domain

    .xyz domain name at Namecheap is very cheap, as i am checking then it is $0.99/yr and Retail $10.88/yr. Next year I need to pay $10.88/yr? should I get one for a test website or using it for a testing server?
  16. Maxoq

    What is renewal cost when transfer a domain name to a new domain registrar?

    Hey everyone, My question is, what is renewal cost when transfer a domain name to a new domain registrar? For example, my domain A bought at Namecheap price is $27 / year but if I buy it at Godaddy then price is $40 / year so when I transfer domain name A from Namecheap to Godaddy then next...
  17. David Beroff

    Why domain name price is different at different domain registrars?

    I would like to buy a .hosting domain name for building a web hosting tutorial blog and I checked this domain extension at and, both are different, Namesilo is offering $329 while is offering $599. This is making me confusing and this price is too high for me...
  18. Chris Worner

    What is the best domain registrar for bulk domains purchasing?

    Can you guys suggest me what is the best domain registrar for bulk domains purchasing? I need some registrars to buy around 20+ domain names .com extension with lowest price. It is possible to buy 20 domain names with price from $60 to $70? I have $200 budget for this, the rest to buy hosting...
  19. Mujkanovic

    Things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name for your business?

    Who would have thought how difficult it would be to choose a domain name these days especially with all the newly available extensions! Are you ready to ignore .com extension and go with other extensions? I am working around the words "web design" but I think that's a bit too broad? Should I...
  20. webhostuk

    WebhostUK.Co.UK 15% OFF: FREE Domain : FREE SSL : FREE sitebuilder : FREE Migration

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