The three main functions of images in a blog article


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Jun 6, 2012
An image plays an important role in a blog article. This has several reasons:

- Seduce.
- Findability.
- Support.


An image helps in drawing the attention of the reader. Therefore it is smart to take a picture in the preview of a blog article.

The preview is the piece of text that can be seen in the overview pages of your blog , as a category page and the home page. To place an image in this piece of text, you can entice the reader to read the entire article.


When you use an image on a web page, you can specify several variables. Two important variables are often forgotten, the alt text and title tag of the image.

The alt text originated in the time that people did not have fast internet connections. This tag is displayed in the browser when an image can not loaded or not loaded. Also read the alt text in browsers for the blind. The alt text is a mandatory picture variable according to the w3c standard.

The title tag contains the title of the image. It appears in most browsers when the visitor moves the mouse over the image.

Both tags have become less important with the fast connections today for visitors. However, search engines use the variables in determining the content of the web page and image.

So it is essential to fill both tags with the correct description of the image. Try to process in one or two keywords but not keyword spam.

Descriptive file

By the image to give a descriptive file name and then place a search engine knows what is in the picture. Because images are recorded separately in the search engine results, you give this an additional opportunity to be found

Because it takes no extra time, this is a neat trick that you can apply. At the time that you have found an image and save it ( please note the rights ) give this the same name as the title of your article.

If you then upload the file right and add the image easily.


Also can add an image to a text. A picture is worth a thousand words. By good use of it, you can make things clear in a subtle way or supporting texts.
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