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Dec 20, 2020
Hey All,

I'm sure this question gets brought up a ton but please have a read, I've used the search tools and done my own research, what I'm looking for here is a personal recommendation and opinion from people who use these tools daily.

The last year I've been using CloudLinux, cPanel, CloudFlare & OVH - It's been a pretty good solution for me. Especially since when I finish web-dev work for clients and they stick around on my hosting I keep a small revenue stream going, I aim to keep it reliable, secure and quick for clients, So far it's been great but I do want to start scaling up and eventually consider myself a proper small hosting company - I've had a look at collocating a few servers and want to commit to quality hardware, so naturally I want to make sure the software I run is on par - I'm not in a position to invest in something custom but it looks like there's a few go-to solutions to buy from.

WHM/CPANEL - I love it, It's easy and everyone already "knows" how to use it, I've had some difficulty figuring out how to scale it to multiple servers though - There doesn't seem be anything I can find to manage multiple servers with one set of panel login details, It's a new WHM instance for every new server, Price is good, Although I'd love to stick to it I don't know how to scale it.

ispmanager by ispsystem - This one seems awesome because they have solutions for DC management, Virtualization management and billing, I could potentially get everything I need from the one company and link all their services, I often see people drag them for being outdated and stale but seeing the website now it looks updated and on-par with other solutions, I'm especially curious to know more about this if anyone uses it.

InterWorx/NodeWorx/SiteWorx - Same as above, looks to have a decent ecosystem and a few of my must haves, have seen some decent feedback on them.

DirectAdmin - Seems to get a ton of praise but I am having a hard time finding anything about clustering or multi server setups except for DNS Clustering, Would like some feedback before looking into it further.

So that's my options so far from what I have looked into, The most important thing for me is Reliability and performance, Following scaling and costs.

Again I'm sure this question gets asked a ton but I'd love some direct input - Appreciate it if you got this far, any input will be highly appreciated.

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