Top 5 things to help you get started!


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Apr 18, 2016
Top 5 things to help you get started
As a member of a growing community, it may seem next almost next to impossible for you to get on board. However, it's not. It just requires a little bit of putting yourself out there.

Introduce yourself
If you are just a site owner, an administrator or even wishing to participate in the community. Then posting an introduction of yourself would be an excellent idea. You can briefly tell everyone who you are and what you are all about, this will allow members to get to know you which may benefit your project if you are interested in promoting one. When I take a look at other websites and browse through the sites listed, and I see someone posting a post inviting other members in joining his or her site but hasn't posted an introduction, I'll more than likely skip over it. By not posting an introduction; it's showing me that you don't want to get involved with the community. Which then makes me assume that you have that same type of attitude toward your project. So post an introduction and create a great first impression! Click here to get started!

Add an Avatar
Although the default avatars can be lovely - We do like seeing new fresh faces and having your avatar would be shavy too! My favourite part of working in a community such as is looking at all the new avatars everyone has. So add one... like right now...You can change or add your avatar by clicking your username in the top right corner, selecting profile > Profile Picture icon. From there you can upload an image, sync with Facebook or import from URL.

Edit your profile
Having a completed profile can help you in numerous ways, it can help you find potential projects to get involved with, help motivate other members in joining your project, and can help you make new friends! More friends = more love. You can edit your profile by clicking your username in the top right corner, selecting profile > Edit Profile.

Just say hey!
Start a conversation with someone! Go to their profile and say "Hey"! Start with me!

Read the site-guidelines & rules!
It's essential that you know the rules, so you don't run into any trouble with the po-po. > View the site-guidelines here.
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