What are the things that you need in the first place?

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Feb 2, 2013

When it comes to affiliate marketing, what do you think is a musthave when you are starting off? What are the things, which are quite essential and you cannot do without?


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Jul 1, 2014
The Way To Keyword Research

Keywords Explained

If you are reading this article, you have already typed a keyword into your search engine to arrive at this page.
No doubt you have typed in to your preferred search engine many different keywords
if you've been looking for a particular product or service via the internet. However, if you're into internet marketing, you will want to ensure that your squeeze page or website gets maximum visitors, but with the least competition.
The way to do this is by conducting keyword research.

Long and Short Tail Keywords

First of all, the keyword that you want to use for your website must be specific. I can illustrate this with an example. Go to Google and type in dog training. Look at the top of the page where it says search and you will see that there are 23 million results. Now type in dog training for spaniels. There are now only 4 million results.

Drill down even further and type in dog training for cocker spaniels. The results are now less
than 3 million.

Dog training would be regarded as a short tail keyword whereas dog training for cocker spaniels would be classed as a long tail keyword. You can see that by being more specific, there are less results which means far less competition.

Discover the Keywords Being Typed In

This is only part of the story. You need to know for your particular niche the keywords that people are typing into their search engine. We can do this. Go to Google and type in keyword tool.
The first result on the page will be Keyword Tool-Google AdWords. Click on this and you will be taken to Google's keyword tool page.

Continuing with our example, under the box which says
Find Keywords, type in dog training for cocker spaniels. On the left hand side you will see all the keywords that people have typed in relating to dog training. At the top of the list you will see a
column showing the number of searches per month globally for each of those keywords.

You are looking for keywords that are as close to dog training for cocker spaniels with at least 2,000 searches per month. The more the better but we're not finished yet. We now need to find out the competition for those keywords.

Determine The Level Of Competition

In our example, the second entry is training cocker In our example, the second entry is training cocker spaniels.
This has 3,600 searches a month. Let's check out the competition. Go back to Google and type in that keyword but it is important that you type it in in speechmarks like this: "dog training for cocker spaniels".

The reason for the speech marks is that the only results you will get are those where people have typed in that exact keyword.

Now there are only 39,600 results. I think you'll agree that this is considerably less than the 23 million results we saw when we just typed in dog training. Use the same process and try out
some of the other keywords. Better still, do it for your own particular niche.

Remember, you are looking for global monthly searches of at least 2,000, and search results of ideally no more than 60,000. You shouldn't get too hung up on those numbers. Just remember you're looking for a high number of monthly global searches and the lowest number of competing sites. Don't forget to type your keywords using speech marks for exact results.

I hope you enjoy your keyword research.


Jul 10, 2014
When embarking on your affiliate marketing journey, you must:

1. Know what affiliate marketing is...

2. Understand some "Marketing 101" (how to find a demand and fill it)

3. Choose a niche market (preferably something you're knowledgeable or passionate about)

4. Select a product or offer to promote (or multiple ones)
Clickbank.com is a good place to start for that.

5. Learn about various online marketing methods for generating traffic (blogging, YouTube, PPC, etc.)

6. You will need a domain name and hosting account for your website (you can do direct affiliate linking in some cases, but having your own website or squeeze page to build a list is much better)

I'll think of some more stuff and put it here!

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