Where to put the squeeze and sales page?


Dec 11, 2012
I want to know where to put the squeeze and sales page?

1/ Buy a domain and start building a website
2/ Put your squeeze page on the domain...i.e www.example.com
3/ Once they optin, redirect them to the sales page...i.e www.example.com/salepage

Are these steps good ways to do?

Do I need to have any things to make steps better?


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Dec 21, 2015
The first 2 steps are correct, however, you want to make sure you have done
your due diligence and proper research to ensure what you're offering is some
thing that is in high enough demand.

Once you've done your research and you are certain you want to proceed, then
it is time to register a domain name. I would suggest something that is either
directly relative to what you're offering, OR something that is so general in nature,
in case you ever decide to change the "subject matter" of that site's content.

Once you've registered the domain, you can then post your squeeze page,
with your opt-in form, however, I would never direct them directly to a sales
page, not when/if you're just starting out.

You want to first build a relationship with your subscribers. Show them that
your overall and initial intent is to really HELP them, NOT make money off of
them. Most people are smart enough to know that if they're added to your
mailing list, they'll eventually receive pitches for other products.

Schmooze your subscribers first. Gain their trust by giving them helpful and
useful information about the subject at hand. In today's world, information
of all sorts is readily available on ANY topic. Find some relative information,
reword it and send it to your subscribers.

Once you have gained their trust, then it is time to start selling, slowly
of course, and only relative and trust worthy offers should be promoted.

There's no easier way to ruin your good name than to gain someone's trust
only to lose it immediately by promoting garbage.

Building a relationship with your readers FIRST is just a suggestion, however,
it is ultimately your decision as to how quickly you want things to go and how
exactly you want to do things.

Ron Killian

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Dec 3, 2015
Joey gave some good tips. should get you started.

It also depends on your goals or what you want to do. If your main goal is to build a list, a good goal at that, then the squeeze page should be on the root of the domain.

If you're using double opt in with your autoresponder service, then they should be sent to a page that encourages them to confirm their email address. This could be your own page, or one provided by the autoresponder. After confirming their email address, they should be sent to the download page, if you offered a gift for the subscribe.

You could be more aggressive and send them to a one time offer (like salespage) before they get to download, but that is aggressive and might cost you subscribers. Another option is to have a download page that has a one time offer either below or above the download link. Below means they would have to scroll through the offer to get to the download.

Depends on how aggressive you want to get. Obviously the more "to buy" you push on them, the more will opt out.

If your using single opt-in, then after subscribing they should be sent to the download, as per above.

Sending a new subscriber directly to a sales page without getting anything for subscribing could lose subscribers. But of course your choice. I get ticked off when that happens to me and I unsubscribe.


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Jan 9, 2016
As RD and Ron said, you are missing the thank you page.
If you are working with double opt in, the thank you page should encourage to check the email, and the spam folder, white mail you and click on the confirmation link. I would stop here to avoid losing the prospect.
If you are working with single opt in, then you could send to an OTO with an skip link that lead to the download of the squeeze, or whatever you are offering.
How you work your funnel depends on the market. More savvy's markets will take the obstacles with better humor--not necessarily buy more.
Your offer will be embedded in the autoresponder series. Some say space it, some say if you don't offer you don't sell. I like to put the product as signature.
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