1. IPv4Vinny

    Impact of Recession on IPv4 Sales

    Although the total number of IPv4 transfer requests was down in May 2022, it is still too early to tell how the recession will impact IPv4 sales for the year. In general, economic recessions tend to have a negative impact on consumer spending, which could lead to fewer people buying new IP...

    Where can I buy banner ads for my project in order to have a views from site owners?

    I need to sale this for sites that have a lot of pages and long visitors ways, for example small social networks/forums/internet shops/... Language is not important. I think it will be okay to locate this banner in hosting-sale sites or something such.
  3. BillEssley

    How to track your web hosting sales are coming from which sources?

    I am just curious how to track your web hosting sales are coming from which sources? which methods hosting companies are applying for their websites?
  4. YoustableIND

    How to increase web hosting sales.

    Can anyone tell me the best strategy for web hosting sales?
  5. manoaratefy

    [Hostibox] DECEMBER SALES - OpenVZ VPS from $2.5/month - Lifetime 50% discount - Unlimited bandwidth

    manoaratefy submitted a new product: [Hostibox] DECEMBER SALES - OpenVZ VPS from $2.5/month - Lifetime 50% discount - Unlimited bandwidth - Get 2GB RAM VPS with OpenVZ virtualization from only $2.5/month (lifetime discount). Read more about this product...
  6. thart

    4 trends that can increase sales when it comes to your online marketing efforts

    Online marketing is always evolving into a new monster and we all need to stay on top of it in order to keep the sales coming in. We all know that search engine optimization and email marketing through opt in lists will always produce sales in the long run, but what trends are you not taking...
  7. Sonwebhost

    How to get more sales

    Have you ever wonder with all the computers, websites, and video games why you may not have as many sales as you would like in your hosting business.
  8. R Langley

    Hiring Hiring Experienced Sales Representative

    R Langley submitted a new resource: Hiring Experienced Sales Representative - Hiring Experienced Sales Representative Read more about this resource...
  9. lisa

    Should an experienced copywriter write their own sales copy?

    Hello webmasters and internet markers, If you are planning to launch a new product, will you write your own sales copy or would you hire another copywriter? Or do both to split test? The reason I ask is because I am not an experienced copywriter and I often have clients were asking me...
  10. lkovnih226

    Where to put the squeeze and sales page?

    I want to know where to put the squeeze and sales page? 1/ Buy a domain and start building a website 2/ Put your squeeze page on the domain...i.e 3/ Once they optin, redirect them to the sales page...i.e Are these steps good ways to do? Do I...
  11. Developer

    8 Dead Simple Ways to Increase Sales

    I'm in the process of writing a small report which I will be selling on one of my websites, and I figured I would offer you guys an "abridged" version of the report as it contains some information I feel may be useful. The report will be titled "8 Dead Simple Ways to Increase Sales" and the gist...
  12. moneytech

    WTS Amazon Affiliate Site. ( my first sales thread here )

    moneytech submitted a new resource: Amazon Affiliate Site. ( my first sales thread here ) - Amazon Affiliate Site. ( my first sales thread here ) Read more about this resource...
  13. mermaidmedia

    How to increase sales for an eBook?

    I have an ebook and I'd like to know ways to increase sales for it? What are your recommended ways?
  14. professorrosado

    Your Successful 6 Month Plan Resulting In Amazon or Other Advertiser Sales

    It usually takes about 6 months of hard work to get a new website to get decent traffic and produce sales. What has been your successful "modus operandi" to help new bloggers to start seeing some Amazon or other advertiser type conversions happening on a consistent level? What were the basic...
  15. BillEssley

    Tips to get Sales with Facebook Ads

    I am willing to invest into facebook ads I think it can generate leads for my site. I need some effective tips to invest into FB ads that get sales. All your tips are welcome!
  16. twinkenterprises

    How To Boost Affiliate Sales

    Hey marketers, I have an affiliate blog which getting around 25 to 40 visitors daily. My goal is to earn up to $150 per month but finding it hard to reach this target because my blog traffic is really not good as mentioned. My question is, how can I boost affiliate sales and get more...
  17. twersk

    How to put Sales Funnel with Links

    Hey Guys, Is there a way to put in your sales page link and a upsell link and so on with a wordpress plugin? Something that can link your offers together and use it as a sales Funnel. what are the best ways you are using on your site now?
  18. acerstoreau

    Can a poor design kill your sales?

    When a customer visits a web design with poor design it can be one of reasons that make them leave site without thinking about next steps like buying products or viewing your services? Or when they really want that product, they will buy it without caring about the design of website...
  19. Jon Acuff

    How to increase sales by internet marketing?

    Internet marketing is best way to promote site or online business and increasing revenue for your products. As title asked, i want to know more ways to use internet marketing that get more sales for my site? how?
  20. jasonquey

    Could affiliate links be killing your sales?

    I have seen more big bloggers didn't use affiliate links on their blogs Reasons why they are applying that because Adding affiliate links could be hurting their sales? Affiliate links can decrease their reputation on the blog? Any thoughts?