Marx Melencio

Feb 7, 2015
First, let's start with the simplest, most fundamental business basics ...
You need to learn these 5 things before creating your business and product development plan ... :D

;) 1. How to accurately pinpoint immediate relevant needs and urgent related problems of a specific group of people that you want to cater and can actually serve through your available resources ...

2. How to correctly identify relevant places where they hang out to view content, share and talk about relevant things ... :)

:D 3. How to effectively educate, inform, entertain and help them through relevant solutions packaged as beneficial content, mind-blowing products and value-added services ...

4. How to strategically position your brand over your competitors and effectively establish a solid authority reputation in those places ... ;)

:) 5. How to successfully grab their attention, entice them with your content and compel them to do what you want ... ;)

Second, let's move on to concepts that have been proven as timeless tactics ...
You need to integrate these 6 scientific principles of persuasion into your business / product development, advertising, marketing, sales and support campaigns: ;)

:D 1. RECIPROCITY — People usually feel obligated to return a favor that benefited them ...
As an example — A software company can get more traffic and higher conversions if their online content helps educate, inform, entertain and solve the immediate related needs and urgent relevant problems of users. More so if they give away fully functional trial versions that can automatically (and conveniently) solve the related problems and satisfy the related needs of those users ...

:) 2. SOCIAL PROOF — People normally think that the general consensus in anything is the right choice for what they want ...
Using the same example — Show prospects the beneficial experience of other users. This can produce wider market reach and viral brand positioning results ...

:D 3. AUTHORITY — People usually pay attention to an individual or an organization with real world authority expertise in relevant industries ...
Your content should effectively communicate your real world expertise in relevant industries. This can result to higher conversions, more referrals and recommendations ...

;) 4. EXCLUSIVITY — People normally pay more attention to exclusive offers and limited promos ...
What you can do as an example is to formulate exclusive offers and limited promos, i.e. First 100 users of your free trial versions within a certain time period will get an exclusive battery optimizer app for their mobile phones, while the first 500 users of your licensed products will get a 3-month limited premium support service plan bundled with their purchases ...

:) 5. LIKEABILITY — People normally pay even more attention to individuals and organizations that they really like and can relate to, especially in a sincere emotional level ...
What you can do as an example is to integrate their likes and interests into your exclusive offers and promos, i.e. 10% of all purchases with a membership card will go to a local community college that's been getting premium local news media exposure due to fund-raising activities for improving their tech facilities ...

:D 6. COMMITMENT — People usually expect the same results based on previous experience ...
What you can do is to make sure that you maintain consistency in the overall quality and beneficial features of your content, products and services. You can also publish stories of customers who recently gained mind-blowing value from your content, products and services ...

That's it for now. Cheers! ;)


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Jan 13, 2015
Marx, Awesome post buddy!!! Its difficult to add anything to that lol...But I'll try with a few tactics off the top of my head with implementing some of the above:

1) Focus on developing your email list... Use the bonus incentive to build your list together with content which really helps with pain points of your target audience... With that adopt hidden, exclusive info such as membership sites or on hidden pages which is out of reach from search engines... Not everything needs to be crawled by G and there are certainly times when you want to keep them out so that you can provide such exclusivity...

2. Offer additional info on a great informative post but on the condition of a social share, tweet etc.. There are tons of plugins which can do that for you... The social shares means additional exposure and best of all it is not dependent on G....

3. Video marketing, pod casts etc can also help in a big way with regards to likeability, perceived authority on a subject.... Use them to your advantage... done correctly you can go super nova lol....

4. Scarcity - is a great concept too... Make sure your offers are time limited... and when they expire they indeed expire.... combine that with a pre-launch/launch sequences and you're on to a winner!!!

That said - great post!!!! Look forward to seeing more comments on this thread.....
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