4 keys for an effective call to action


Jan 23, 2015
When a website has a custom content, it consolidates the loyalty of its audience. Nevertheless, in many cases this is not enough to achieve the objectives that marks its online strategy, in these cases the best tool to achieve this is calls to action.

Among the advantages of using this element are: improving interaction with users, achieving engagement, increase website traffic and improve social networking presence. Some clues that can help you to get an effective call to action are:

Map icon
The traditional way to put this element is in the upper left of the screen, in the order of western reading. Although some specialists recommend varying the position to prevent the user to immunize against them.

Design and dimensions
A button of this type should be as large as possible as not to damage consistent with the rest of the site, believes that a large button is easier to see. Another important issue is the design. to emphasize this element, the best are the blanks around, because when there are several elements, blank allows us to differentiate.

Shape and color
To highlight these elements is necessary to play with shapes and colors, you can even use textures.

User's attention
Capture the user's attention is essential, but the client finds a text that will invite the action is successful.

What are your keys?
If you have any new things sharing, shoot me your ideas...I'm ready to hear yours
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