How to Create a Facebook Ad Campaign Effectively?


Jan 23, 2015

I want to ask about Facebook ad Campaign that I'm going to create one.

Here's my pics



What should I consider to edit in pics above?
I am trying to promote my internet marketing products/offers through FB, budget $50 to $100/day, it can generate me any sales?

Please share me any tips on how to create a Facebook Ad Campaign effectively?
I don't have more experience advertising on Facebook?



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Jan 13, 2015
Hi Stanton -

Just looking at the screenshots and I would consider the following:

1) The age 18- 65+ is too broad...
2) Your geo targeting is also too broad...
3) You dont specify language.... If its English speaking then only target English speaking countries... Not wanting to get into the details - but you're going to lose a lot of money on unnecessary clicks with countries where English is not the first language... Unless of course your product is not based on languages.... but also think about where most of your customers reside.... For example if its US,UK then target only those countries....

Its good that you have identified interests....

First of all I would identify your ideal target audience e.g. Male, age 21-40 years old, occupation: IM, IT etc.. Basically the demographic group which represents the majority... and use that for your main ad...

If you are feeling adventurous then you can split test with creating more ads with different parameters e.g.
> One add which targest females
> One add where the age range is 40-50 years
> Vary the interests... To many or too less can have an impact... You need to find the right combination which is working...

With more ads you'll be able to see which ones are performing best and then I would stop the bad ones and focus on the good ones with adjusting your campaign...

To begin with its trial and error -so create lots of different ads based on different parameters (as well as different ad copy/image etc) and monitor them with weeding out the dud ones....

I hope that helps!

Best of Luck,


P.S. If your FB ads is for direct selling then from my experience this is not so effective and chances are you'll make a loss (my own experience).... If your ad is focused towards list building with a view to make income through email marketing then your chances of success is much increased... Either way go for it!!! As that is the only way you can learn.....

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