What is PHP and What are its Applications?


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Feb 25, 2015
What is PHP?

PHP is the abbreviation for Hypertext Preprocessor, which is a scripting language or a type of code used primarily for the purpose of developing applications written for servers, opening source code. PHP is now very suitable for the web because it is fast, compact and syntax is similar to C and Java programming languages.

Moreover, this language is quite easy to learn and has a relatively short time to build products compared to other languages. Therefore, PHP quickly became the world's most popular and popular web programming language.

The outstanding advantages of PHP programming language

PHP has a very fast operation speed and high efficiency. This is proven to be a normal server that can meet millions of hits per day.
If you have understood what PHP is, you will find that the connection that supports millions of different PHP database management systems is now amazing. This is also the reason why the favorite PHP programming language is the world's leading.

Moreover, PHP can provide an extremely rich data system. This is because, from the beginning, PHP was built with the purpose of building and developing web applications. Therefore, it provides a lot of built-in functions for users to easily perform tasks such as sending and receiving emails, working with cookies, etc.

PHP also has the advantage of being a simple language, easy to use for those who are just beginning to introduce web programming.

Applications of PHP programming language

After learning what PHP is, you will want to know the applications of PHP in the field of information technology and electronics. Currently, PHP has a lot of CMSs (called source code). Therefore, the PHP programming language is very diverse, and it will help you to easily design personal sales websites, news or blogs to the company introduction sites, product introduction websites, ...

PHP can also help users implement system functions. For example, from files of a particular system, PHP can create, open, read, write and close them.

Along with that, when learning what PHP is, you will find that PHP can also handle forms quickly and simply like collecting data from files or saving data to the same file, ...

Using PHP programming language, users can manually add, edit or delete internal elements of their Database. Also, PHP can set Cookies and access Cookie variables. At the same time, PHP also helps you limit the number of users accessing your website.
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