Website Design: Feature That Have Improved Conversions


Jun 18, 2015
I used to give suggestions for my clients for increasing conversion. Some of the worked out strategies would be using the simple contact forms with fewer number of fields. Using a simple navigation so that a normal user can find what they wanted from your site. The navigation should not force the user to visit unwanted web pages.

Another thing which worked out was making use of clean, simple and neat web design. I thinks nowadays people prefer websites with simple designs rather than complex and attractive websites. One last thing, if you are still keeping your social media feeds in important places of your website, you should change it. Nowadays people know how to contact you in social media. Keep the links at bottom or at side bar.


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Nov 10, 2015
You can check the heat map of your website to see where your visitors are more active and where are not. Then you will have to change or remove some elements, like decrease a number of buttons or change color and texting on the buttons, and also change your contact form for more simple and comprehensive one... Another idea would be in adding a point of interest for your visitors, which must be unexpected and unusual, but not destructive for the users. They must focus at the action that you would like them to do on your website - pressing the button or making a call, or filling the form, etc...

Joe B. Ray

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Feb 21, 2016
I just built a Machine Learning (ML) software to track user's behavior patterns by analyzing user's in page clicks in real time. My algorithm predicts what content the user is most interested in and displays a Call to Action” based on what user likes in real time.

The user doesn't have to register on the site or fill out anything to trigger this. It all happens seamlessly. I am very excited about this. My engine will be available on the market in about a couple of weeks.


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Dec 21, 2015
Well, Professor, as I am sure you already know, conversions
are different from site to site, depending on many factors.

What could and/or does work on one site, may actually hurt
you on another site.

That said, there are some elements, however, which I find help
increase overall conversions and here are a few:

1. Lesser IS Better

Years ago, it was the bigger your site, the more information you
presented, the more recognition you deserved and received. It
was like if you didn't offer an overload of information, you didn't
know what you were talking about (of so it seemed as if that was
the case...

Now a days, however, it's a time of "rush rush rush". People want
to visit your site, find the info they need, almost instantly, and be
able to make a decision almost as instantly.

The cleaner looking your site, the better. The less content you
have. while still being certain to provide enough to get your point
across, the better.

Same Applies on Email Forms

I have definitely found that asking JUST for an email address on
my subscription forms has resulted in much higher conversions.
Having a field for a name, even if it's not required, results in
far less signups for some reason.

I think this point was mentioned somewhere else on this forum,
but I don't even list a "No Spam" note on any of my subscription
forms anymore as I also found an increase in conversions by also
removing that. Perhaps it's the conceived negative notion but
whatever the case, I have omitted all "no spam" notices from
my subscription forms as well.

Same Also Applies on Order Forms

Using PayPal buy buttons is great and all, especially since it's a one
click access from my site pages, however, when a customer prefers
not to use PayPal and goes for my merchant account instead, I ask
for ONLY the necessary information. Let's face it, "I" really don't need
all the extra info anyway, so, why request it or even ask for it.

2. Make CTA's Stand Out

It used to be a simple big orange button worked well. Well, now that
people are getting used to seeing them, they are becoming more blind
to them like so many have with banner ads. So, I find that outlining
my CTA buttons in some form has had a major (positive) impact on

I used to simply place a basic "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" button where
ever needed, however, now, I try to outline or highlight the CTA in some
way. This could be as simple as using a "highlight box" immediately around
your image button, or a "hi-liter" type of look or even a simple "glow" effect.
Anything that will make the actual button jump out or stand out from the
rest of the surrounding elements.

3. Use Directional Imagery

One of my favorites is using proper image positioning and angling. Whenever
I have an image next to any of my CTA buttons, I always try to use an image
that will draw attention to the CTA button.

This is extremely simple when using imagery of people. Just make sure that the
largest, most highlighted person in the image is looking in the direction of the
CTA image as if they're looking directly at the CTA button/link.

And of course the usual stuff:

1. Keep a CTA clearly visible on the first fold of any page
2. Place SEVERAL CTA buttons throughout the entire page (top, middle and bottom)
2. Proper navigation structure is a must.
3. Not too distracting (remember, lesser is better)
4. Talk TO the visitor, not AT them
5. Write to their emotions. This tactic ROCKS!!!
6. Sell the benefits, NOT the features. Again, ROCKS!!!

Now, I am certain these aren't necessarily the "design and/or functional features"
you were thinking of when making your post, however, I have found that all these
elements have helped increase conversions on many of my sites...

Also, something else I find has helped increase sales is offering discounted gift
certificates (purchase a $50 GC for just $40) instead of coupon codes and I place
no restrictions on the GC whatsoever, other than the face value.

When people think "coupon codes" they feel rushed because they think "expiration
date", however, when they think gift certificates, they tend to think "slow flow" in
that they can pay now and come back and purchase either exactly when they need
or want it or even when they think the deal is the best it will ever be.

There are no expiration dates, no limits as to what can be bought and no limit as
far as "excludes sale items, special promos" or anything like that. To me, a GC is
exactly the same as cash so there shouldn't be any limitations on them or their

I know many people will tell you "scarcity" sells, and it most certainly DOES,
however, in a few recent tests, I have found my gift certificate sales out-
weighing my regular sales and scarcity offers by a resounding 3, sometimes 4,
to 1 ratio...

I am not entirely convinced on the logistical reasoning for this, but the tests
are still ongoing, so I have no absolute conclusions just yet, but, sales of GCs
are certainly outperforming all else right now, for me anyway.

Now, the best system that has worked for me over the last 6 or so months
is a combination of scarcity AND discounted gift certificates.

I usually run promos for a few days as follows:

Day 1: Purchase a $100 GC for $50
Day 2: Purchase a $100 GC for $55
Day 3: Purchase a $100 GC for $60
So on and so forth...

* Of course those figures are just examples.

These have worked well, and I ASSUME it's because it gives the customer an opportunity
to save NOW while not being rushed into any actual purchasing decision just yet. They
can take their time to purchase, weigh out their options and buy when they are certain
of their decision. All, while still saving a butt load of cash, and of course, the sooner they
purchase a GC, the more they end up saving in the long run.

Best of all, most times, I am able to make even more sales by then cross-selling or upselling
with the use of true OTO's (more scarcity of course) which of course results in even more


Jan 13, 2015
I used to own a freelancer website back in the days , i ended up adding a feature telling people when freelancers are online, it was a major help to increase conversation between sellers & buyers and generate more transactions.


Feb 28, 2016
Which design and/or functional features have you added to a website that actually improved conversions?
There are good suggestions above, but it also depends a lot on what you are trying to sell. Live chat is important for many people--if they have a question about purchasing and they can get an answer on the spot, that can be all they need to proceed to purchase.
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