website design

  1. ForwardWeb - Branden

    Looking to improve our website design soon could use some help

    This is our current website how can we make it better in your eyes we are looking to do a revamp in about 4 months we are a design firm by trade but its always nice to get community feedback
  2. RyalJam

    Potential CMS for website design for SEO?

    Which is the Potential CMS nowadays for website design for seo point of view, please share your view ?
  3. M

    Review our website design

    Hi, We have recently upgraded our website so kindly review its design and the functions and readability ..
  4. Spell Bound

    Best Language For A Website Design?

    Hey there guys, which is the best language to code a website like Java, JavaScript, PHP etc. I'm planning to create a website for some news articles along with a marketplace. So, which one is best suited for this need? Kindly advice me on selecting the best secure and easy one.
  5. Sheldon Allen

    Website design Vs Ranking

    How a website design or a template affect our website ranking?
  6. timpears

    What is upcoming trends for mobile website design?

    In your opinion what will be upcoming trends for mobile website design? as discussion in this forum. Please share your thoughts as many as possible :) what is the difference and which is better if comparing between the mobile sites vs mobile apps as upcoming trends and why ?
  7. professorrosado

    Website Design: Feature That Have Improved Conversions

    Which design and/or functional features have you added to a website that actually improved conversions?
  8. professorrosado

    Website Design: Better Ranking Strategies

    What features on a website have you found to improve rankings? Things that you didn't have before but when you did add them, you noticed an improvement in rankings or traffic?
  9. Alex_smith

    Why do you need a custom website design?

    A customized website design template plays an important role in your success on online business. It makes your site different from from others sites. It makes impressions for people in first time visiting your site, also encourage they bough your products better than if they visited a theme...
  10. Starfire

    Better website design for better traffic?

    Does anyone agree with me, better website designs for enhance traffic or attract visiotors hang out longer on the site? Plz share any thought on the importance of web design today :confused:
  11. Knightrider

    Please Advice! Changing my website design.

    I am going to completely change my web design to build more authority. But My current site has lots of keyword which rank very high in Google. I am currently building my site in another server by copying my current wordpress database and editing there. I have completed designing that demo site...
  12. Maxwell

    What is portfolio website design?

    Hi everyone, What is portfolio website design? I really don't understand this term "portfolio", can anyone explain for me obviously ? Thanks in advanced!
  13. arronmattwills

    No Javascript tag in responsive website design

    There is a tag call no-js, means no java script, we use this tag in responsive website design with html 5 and c s s 3. The syntax will be like this: So here, there will be one js called modernizr dot js, when it runs it will replaces no js with js, so the java script will be enabled in...
  14. arronmattwills

    importance of photoshop in website design process?

    We have so many open source image editing software tools and we have many tools from adobe only like illustrator, indesign, , light room, and many but they Can't replace the position of photoshop. In my experience I can say it is because of some most useful options like move, marquee...
  15. Marc0

    18 Common Mistakes need to Avoid in Website Design

    As we all know that in the world of the Internet has thousands of sites. If your site in online business industry then you will have very more competitors. Of course, customers will have plenty of options. So, making a good website is a critical factor to success in marketing and online...
  16. V

    8 reasons not to flash website design

    Flash arose as a movement in a very short period and then wrong reverse withdrew from the "ring" is equally silent. I remember one time almost any page and have a piece of Flash Intro, Flash Banner or at least have a little Flash Navigation. Orders of the customer must also have a bit of Flash...
  17. I

    How is a Perfect Website Design ?

    I heard more about website design techniques using css2,3, html, type of layouts, navigations..ect.. But I don't know which factors make a perfect website design ? A beautiful website is a perfect website design ? in your point of view, how website is a perfect website design ? any shares ?
  18. Marc0

    Website design ideas and advices?

    I'm in the process of developing a website for my business where I perform as a middle man buy things from the all retailers like ebay / play / amazon and thousand others. What individuals do they deliver me link of the products which they want to buy and I buy & post on their behalf... Now I...
  19. Marc0

    Some Tips For ecommerce website design

    Hi everyone, With the improve in e-commerce sites, there is a growing concern about the website design of these websites too. I feel, we should make sure the navigation of the website is easy, visitor must be able to access the information easily. Website should be interactive with the...
  20. W

    Figuring Out The Way To Grow With Website Design

    In nowadays, you would be foolish not to even consider using advanced website design methods as a way to get the company's name out around the world With the quantity of devices that are employed to connect to the web that exist today, it is advisable to read through this article so as to make...