How to drive traffic to your website using free and paid methods


Sep 18, 2014
Traffic to your website is very important to increase sales for your eCommerce website, you will earn nothing if you don't have traffic to it. Just following some easy tips to generate traffic for your websites.

Free Mothods
Optimize your website for search engines (SEO)
High positions for your site in search results Google and other engines can help you generate large volumes of traffic for free.

Remember that each page on your site should have an HTML title tag and meta description and relevant to the contents.

Once your site is ready, do not expect Google to add it to their results, submit your site to Google first.

Create your own website and publish content regularly
Having a website is an effective way to generate traffic as it not only allows you to create content that will be included in search results, but also publications can be shared on social networks, increasing the reach of your brand and generating new views .

However, for this to happen it is essential that generate relevant publications for the interests of your audience. Do not just news or offers of your company, think about what interests the public that have targeted to your audience.

It also prevents copying content from other sites. Generate unique content will allow you to maximize the impact of the publication, building backlinks to your articles by share them naturally on other sources such as forums, blogs or Q&A platforms.

Once you define certain topics that you would like to start an article, use the keyword tool from Google to sure it's right keyword that you will rank for traffic from search engines.

Regarding the frequency of publication, we suggest you create new articles every 1 or 2 weeks 1 time.

On the other hand, make sure your blog has the option of subscribing via email as well as by RSS . In this way, you can transform casual readers into loyal followers of your blog.

Guest post is a must
If you have identified a blog that are relevant to your target audience, you can contact them and offer them write an article for your site. Since you are a guest author on these articles, you can include a short personal biography, in which you can add a link to your site.

This technique has two benefits. First, blog readers will observe the link to your website and some will visit. Second, this link will also help you position your website in search engines.

Take advantage of social networks
Create profiles for companies in different social networks: Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , Google Maps and Pinterest . Don't forget to include your website URL on each profile. Once you have your profile, you must create a strategy for these.

As in the blog, the most important thing is to generate relevant content for your audience and publish frequently. However, if you share your offers to social media, do not forget to include a link to your online store. Otherwise, you will not get traffic from them.

Make sure your site is easy to share on social networks
As mentioned in the previous point, social networks can help you generate traffic. In addition to make articles spread widely, it is important to put social button on your posts and readers can share them easily. Just install the sharing buttons that provided by social networks, such as Like, +1 or Tweet button..etc

Add your site to directories or classifieds sites
Classified sites or directories are a great way to generate traffic but keep in mind that you always choose quality sites to put your site on.

Offer free ebooks and giveaways
Putting free ebooks or giveaways on your blog and offer for free to your visitors, when someone downloaded your ebooks, they can visit your site any time if you don't forget to put your website link in ebooks.

Include your website ULR in the signature of emails
Surely you send emails frequently. A trivial way to leverage these emails after increase visits to your page is added to the signature of such mail the web address (URL) of your website.

Participate in relevant forums
Surely your audience uses a forum to discuss various relevant topics and there are some large marketing forums out there, where you can promote your sites and promote your products or services.

Paid Methods
Start using Google AdWords
With Google AdWords you can run ads on the Google search engine results, you will get potential customers for products or services you offer on it. This traffic is very high quality .

Create ads on Facebook
Facebook lets you post ads on your fanpage but with cost you have to pay for the ad, you can targeted your audience by country, demographics and interests.

However, if what you want is to generate traffic to the site, choosing the type of ad to promote your website instead using to increase like or views for your page/post on FB.

Email marketing campaigns
Email marketing campaigns can also help you increase your number of visits and sales. You can hire an advertising agency which can send emails for you. Be sure to include at least one link to your website.
If you already have a subscriber list, you can send emails, using tools such as MailChimp or Aweber.

Finally, to measure traffic to your blog, always installing Google analytics on your site and then set goals and funnels to know what steps you will do to archive customers and drive traffic to your site.


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Jan 13, 2015
Nice post! Attempting to answer such a post title is ambitious indeed as there are so many moving parts that it will end up being a book lol...

Just to add I would also consider video marketing platforms, especially as Youtube is the second largest search engine...

Further if you are trying to make money online then the most important metric is your conversions... also based on targeting....

I would prefer to have less traffic which is highly targeted which achieves more sales than lots of traffic resulting in lower sales.... So identify and target your audience... Figure out where they hang out online and contribute or run ads on those web properties... i.e. lets say your blog is about dog training then sign up to related forums, run ads there too, find authoritative blogs on dog training and ask for guest posting, find social groups and contribute etc...

Regarding your conversions I also recommend split testing with making changes to landing page copy, layout etc as part of efforts to improve your sales figures and optins...

Finally also consider article/content marketing... develop a plan e.g. 50+ articles and focus on what your target audience is seeking solutions online... Typically that is the pain points e.g. back on the dog training niche that could be things like "how to stop your dog barking", "how to potty train your puppy" etc.... So in sum choose your content based on what your target audience are looking for... A great place to find those answers is on forums as well as keyword research...

Hope that helps!
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