How to write a good post for your blog


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Mar 1, 2015
Hi guys,
Doe any one share me any tips on how to write a good post for my blog that get good rankings on search engine, also standard for readers?


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Mar 6, 2013
If you want to prevent your blog fail, you should start by choosing good topics. Once you've decided, your post should stand out from the rest and be very useful for your readers. But if you do not measure results, not brands goals, you will always be in uncertainty and do not know the extent the success of your blog.

Select right topics
Prepare an article for the blog takes time. If you do not want that effort is vacant, it is necessary that the theme will respond to two needs:
- Want to identify your organization as an expert on the subject.
- Want to attract visitors (conversions) to the company website.

In both cases, the choice of the theme of the article is decisive. First, because it must be something interesting for regular visitors who want to show as a reference in the sector. And second, because it should be a topic that is in demand in searches, so, attract new visitors.

The subject search must begin with keyword Research. This study will let you know the keywords related to your business to have a better relationship between search volume and competition sites that use it. It makes no sense to talk about something that nobody looking, but it makes no sense to try to talk about something that is extensively covered hundreds of websites.

The keyword Research must end with a list of keywords grouped by topic. Most of topics and keywords should be used on the articles, but a small part of it may be difficult to mention them, it needs to make naturally for readers.

Improve quality of your article
The main purpose of the article is to retain the visitor and provide a good impression of the capabilities of your blog. But all sail fast and want to receive information almost without reading it. It is for this reason that the article should consider the following:

* Choose a good title for the post . It should be clear and also arouse curiosity to continue reading. Work several proposals title to finding the optimum. Should not exceed 70 characters.
* In the first paragraph should be the most important. The concept to be transmitted must come first, and then continue with the development of the idea.
* Photos or graphics are essential. Help reinforce the message, and that is what will those who have little time. You will be very useful to boost the blog on social networks.
* The content is critical . If the item does not have anything new or is incompressible, few reach the end and nobody will recommend. Do not stay with the first draft, review it to improve it and remove the superfluous or what deviates too much from the main idea.
Of course, use the keywords. In the title, photos and post content, you must use the keywords. Always in moderation, make it natural and not repetitive.

Attract more visitors to your blog
As mentioned above, in order to include the keywords in the article is to achieve a good natural positioning (SEO) search engine. If you've done well, the article should receive a good percentage of visits from users seeking something related to what you tell him.

But also, we can and should attract more visitors. How to do?
- Adding a review on the corporate website
- A small extract in the home, a link to some related product or service, they can be very useful.
- Sending a newsletter
- If you have a good base of subscribers, do not forget to add to your next newsletter a review article and link to the blog. It is important to mark the link with tracking from google Analytics . So, you know how many have come to the blog through the newsletter.
- Promoting in social networks
- Interacting with your followers if you have any feedback.

Follow these tips:
- A good title and a picture will help make your post stand out from the hundreds of messages a day reading.
- Do not post simultaneously on all networks, if your users follow you on several networks you'd just hating. Wait a few days.
- Try posting it with different titles on each network to see which is more successful.
- Post it to the times when you have better engagement with your followers.
- After a few days, you can send a post or inviting remembering to give your opinion who read message.

Measure your results with Google analytics
We started talking about the effort involved in writing an article for the blog. To calibrate the effort your best, you must measure with Google Analytics the answer you're having. You should prepare reports in analytics with these details:
- How many visitors have actually read the post. That is, they have reached the end of the page or it has been more than 3 minutes.
- Whence came the visitors. For how is energizing the article in the networks or the SEO is good enough.
- How many visitors earned loyalty through subscription to the newsletter or RSS.
- How many visitors have managed to bring to the blog which is where it really is the business. If you can also measure how they have interacted on the corporate website, the better.
- Analyzing these data can draw conclusions about whether the effort is compensating. Without them it is very easy to fall into disappointment and think you're talking to a wall.

Hope that helps!

Content by Rhonda

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Feb 10, 2015
I agree with everything said above but would also like to add that you need to write tight. Don't put in a lot of useless unnecessary words. Many times (in my case) if I write like we Texans talk, it's not always proper grammar, so be sure and run a grammar and spelling checker on your article before posting. Also re-read it because if you use the word "deer" for "dear", the spelling checker won't catch it.


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Dec 14, 2013
Hi Latia

You can follow these simple tips to write good posts for your blog.

1/ Write about things that happen to you.
You will find that you often have things in your life, funny situations with your kids, etc. People, apart from the practical information has come to seek, you should know who is reading or listening. This also creates some emotional things with your readers that can make the difference between returning or not returning to your website. Because information today is everywhere, but people are unique.

2/ Explain things in the simplest possible way and clear.
This will get the information you are trying to convey is accessible to a greater number of people. And it will avoid creating phrases that only you understand.

3/ Share your experience.
Our experience is something we have exclusively. It is a practice-based knowledge and that is of great value. Perhaps the theory says eating melon is good, but your experience tells you that if you take it before bed can not sleep. This may not everybody applies, but it certainly has a value and some people may find useful.

4/ Occasionally surprise your readers with something unexpected.
Not too accustomed to your style, there will be bored soon.

5. Diversify your posts.
Make serious, humorous, sad, joyful, emotional posts, motivating...give your readers more types of the articles to read and they will like your blog and visiting it daily.


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Oct 1, 2013
When you are going to write a blog post, you should
You must understand your audience.
Start with a topic and a working title
Write an intro and make it captivating
Organize your content
Edit/proofread your post, and fix your formatting
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