Website error Error 1020, what is it?

Chris Worner

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Apr 15, 2016
Hey guys, I visited some web hosting forums and webhostingtalk but some recent days I can not enter webhostingtalk, its showing error

Error 1020
Access denied
What happened?

This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

I am not a robot or spammer, why I got that alert and it blocked me? I think they had a wrong configuration which blocking visitors to their site?


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Feb 12, 2020
Hey Man Cloudfare has this on their support
Try the suggestions in this Community Tip to help you fix “Access denied (Error: 1020)” when visiting a site protected by Cloudflare.

Taken From:

While visiting a site protected by Cloudflare, error 1020 “Access denied (Error: 1020)” indicates you’ve violated a Firewall Rule. When this happens, you’ll see the error “Access Denied (Error: 1020)” and your request was blocked by the filter based Firewall rule on the site. If you’re the site owner, you can find the requests that was blocked by the Firewall on the Firewall page under the Events menu.

Quick Fix Ideas

  1. If you are visiting the site, contact the site owner and let them know that you received the Access denied error and ask them to check their Firewall Rules. Only the owner of the site you’re visiting can tell you why you are unable to access the site. Contacting Support or posting here will not result in an answer.
  2. If you are the site owner and you want to isolate what rule is being violated, first review your Firewall Rules. Next, turn off the firewall rules to see if the challenge goes away. Turn them all off, check, and if the error goes away, begin to turn them on one at a time.
  3. Alternatively, search for the RAYID in the Firewall Events Log to determine which rule is being violated.
  4. You can verify the issue is caused by your Firewall if you disable Cloudflare and then visit the site. See How do I disable Cloudflare 6.1k?
  5. If you only want to protect a portion of your site or isolate what rule is being violated, turn off WAF for the entire domain and use Page Rules to enable WAF for specific URLs.
  6. If you encounter the error 1020, you’re violating a firewall rule the site owner has put in place, the error has nothing to do with the product Cloudflare Access.
Lite Reading

If you more information or more support you could always visit their website for more support or help

[email protected]

Jun 8, 2021

Its a Cloudflare 1020 error (Access Denied)
is typically encountered when users attempt to access certain websites from their browser. Most commonly, it occurs whenever a connection request appears to pose a threat to the website.
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