Can wordpress speed compete with a regular website of the same content?


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Sep 2, 2017
As my question suggests , i am a web developer most of the sites i design are not on content management systems like WordPress and if i do need to use it il migrate only one or two pages that need to be interactive , as a theme. However recently i did my full on first WordPress website on xampp. Now i dont use too many plugins or widgets because i am familiar enough with php to avoid most of them and write me on non third party stuff, it does take a lot of my development time though.

The thing is no matter what i do otherwise, image optimisations, htacess file edits , reduction of unnecessary plugins searching for css rules that conflict or overide eatchother and other render blocking issues it still is relatively slow. Speed being so important to the success for a website , it bugs the heck out of me because worpess is really a decent platform for diy website clients. IMO.

There are some tutorials online that i found in google search wp beginners , it was called , but much of what was shared there i have done or does not really apply to me.

Could you please share any experiences tricks and tips that you found that helped and suprised you in loading speed times?

I have migrated a few sites to WordPress from dreamweaver but never an entire site from xamp , i used to edit on the php files online in the cpanel of my host ,so i am expecting some time for learning this. That is why i just want to eliminate this speed issue before i get there.


Sep 25, 2017
In fact, Wordpress has a lot of optimisation modules which can be installed and a lot of them help. However my lesson learned was that I had to fix a lot of issues on my Apache configuration native, this helped alot to speedup my wordpress installation. The trade off are installing plug-ins which are violating all performance required things which currently exist on the web. You will not believe how many script errors come alone from a simple social share and scipts from google. Amazing, I can not get thisone clear, they effect my site performance and this is the trade off.
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