1. HostXNow

    Best SEO tools

    Which SEO tools do you use? Please share them with your fellow FWH members. Maybe if all FWH do better, we'll squash EIG:boxing:
  2. wittwerch

    Do web hosting providers need SEO?

    Do web hosting providers need SEO to increase sales for their sites or just using marketing methods like email marketing or forum marketing is enough? I would hear your opinions on this.
  3. ChemicalServers

    Just how is SEO exactly done?

    Hi, I know advertising costs a bomb, but what are the best ways of getting top standard SEO, its the only issue i'm having.
  4. Ben Newman

    Multiple domains on one hosting account is bad for SEO?

    I am considering hosting more than 10 websites on one hosting account that allows multiple addon domains. But they are going to have a similar IP address and is this bad for SEO? If I do crosslinking between them will I get any ranking boost or not?
  5. Luxin Host

    rank 3rd in google or buy ads

    What do you guys think? Would you say its better to spend 10k $ plus on SEO and rank 3rd+ for very good keywords or spend the same and buy website ads
  6. P

    SEO or only Inbound Marketing?

    I'm new here in the forum, contribute a little to my knowledge in three posts here, but I want to use this space to ask about SEO opinion. Since 2010 working with website optimization in Brazil. The agency where I work is full service, it offers all solutions of digital marketing, but aims to...
  7. AliGibbs

    SEO or Online Marketing, which is better for your hosting company?

    SEO requires time and patience while online marketing as forum marketing, banner ads, content marketing, video marketing..can help you archive fast results and get customers to your hosting site immediately? if you only have the opportunity to choose one, which one will you choose to market your...
  8. rfharris

    Most Important Things in on page SEO?

    What are the most important thing in on page SEO other than meta tags and sitemap?
  9. Gonzalo

    .HTML extension or no for SEO?

    Hey guys, I am starting a news wordpress site but I am getting confused on its url structure for examples with my feeling, .html is better but I could not clarify it. Does it help SEO? should I go for no .html in url? does it have any differences? Please advise me.
  10. Chris Worner

    What kind of template best for On-Page SEO?

    Hi, what kind of template is best for on-page SEO? I'd like to create a new wordpress site, I knew some theme marketplaces like themforest, elegantthemes, templatemonster but there are too many themes so make me confused to choose a good theme for on page SEO. I am not know very well about this...
  11. micheallang

    How to target on specific country with SEO

    Hi. Recently, it seems to be hard to target on the country that we want. In last few months ago, rankings of keywords are almost the same results when you check on different IPs of different countries. But now, it seems to be completely different. For example, I check "keyword A" on country A...
  12. denvercardonations

    Dedicated IP address and SEO value?

    The webhost I am moving to claims the following for $30 a year: Get all the benefits from having a dedicated IP! Having a dedicated IP for each website is considered by some experts as an advantage for search engine optimization. There is a common belief that sites with dedicated IP...
  13. aarifhabeeb

    Biggest Lies in SEO Industry?

    Hii All First of all I am new here. I hope you all Welcome me. I just want to involve each and everyone to discuss on lies that SEO companies always tell to their clients. share your with others
  14. edisonvpb

    who know SEO hosting plan?

    Hello guys, I heard SEO hosting plan from other website. Did you heard it before? if you know more details about SEO hosting plan.please leave you views. Best Regards.
  15. Alex_smith

    What are really good tools or softwares to create a website SEO report for a client?

    I am providing graphic design and my clients have been requesting SEO services but I don't know where to start. So I want to start into SEO services and need your help in finding out the right steps to follow to do this. I was thinking, first to start with a report of their current websites. Can...
  16. novandak

    What do SEO experts do all the time?

    What does a SEO expert do all the time to improve their websites' keywords on SERPs? Do they use any SEO techniques out of on page or off page SEO which you haven't known to? Any and all tips will be useful.
  17. denvercardonations

    Subdomains and SEO?

    In order to better organize a website I was thinking of splitting the website over subdomains, so each subdomain has its own cms and database, like: blog.xxxxxx videos.XXXXXX pictures.XXXXXXX news.XXXXXX Is there any negative or positive SEO impact by doing this?
  18. bobrock4

    e-commerce with handmade products: SEO has big competitors, could social media take a good ROI?

    This is the case of a little e-commerce site with handmade bags. It's in 2 language: English and local one. Even if I strongly believe in SEO ROI, international SEO is hard with such marketing budget. Need content translations and competitors are big sites. The site is also on some social...
  19. denvercardonations

    Underscores and SEO

    DO underscores attached to words kill the word for search engines? I have filed name things like this: "Denver Colorado AA Meetings (34)_Lakewood AA Meetings" The software I use to rename uses underscores, does that mean search engines will see (34)_Lakewood as one word? Hence the rule of...
  20. DavidLux

    I only have $75 a month to spend on SEO?

    Hi everyone, I only have $75 a month to spend on SEO?. What tools/ways should I pay or use for increasing organic traffic and improve SEO for my site? Your comments would be appreciated.