1. denvercardonations

    Do PDF's provide any SEO impact?

    There are so many PDF's online indexed, some image based, some text based, and some a mix of both with some html markup. Do any of these types of files provide an SEO boost at all if you were an author and had your URL inside among your authored writing?
  2. roggy

    What is Link crossing in SEO & How much is it effective?

    I'd like to know about Link crossing in SEO, what is it? If it is applied in a SEO strategy and how much helpful to get ranked? Thanks
  3. BillEssley

    Does language matter in SEO link building?

    What do you think if doing link building on sites with different languages? Is it bad or still good for backlinks? I just need your wise answers.
  4. Marc0

    WWW vs non-WWW - Which one is Better for SEO?

    When I set up a new website and go to Google WMT and I saw 2 options, WWW and non-WWW. which one should I choose and do them affect search rankings? Waiting for your valuable answers.
  5. JoeHamilton

    Long title tags impact SEO performance?

    Hi guys, I was wondering does having title tags over 60 characters like 10 characters over have a negative impact on SEO. Or should I keep it under 60 characters as a standard form in SEO? Any advice?
  6. Nemanja

    Text links vs image links, which is more valuable for SEO?

    As title mentioned, I would like to hear you SEO guys' opinions here about value of image links vs text links. Which is better? why?
  7. Julzwriter

    Have you ever attended an SEO or Internet marketing conference?

    Have you ever attended an SEO or Internet marketing conference? I have seen some adverts for conferences but I have never thought of attending one until this year. I think that it would be great to meet and mingle with other Internet marketers. I want to know if anyone here has ever attended...
  8. Harry P

    How are SEO Companies getting backlinks for their client's sites today?

    I have looked around some micro sites and they are offering backlinks with cheap price, therefore I am curious as to what search engine optimisation companies are doing to get backlinks for their client's sites. Is guest posting the main strategy now, or are many SEO companies still purchasing...
  9. vishwa

    Best SEO techniques for 2016

    Hello Friends, As you all know that we are already have spent two months of 2016. Google has changed their algorithm on timely basis. I am curious to know that What is the Best SEO techniques for 2016 to rank your site better in Google? Do you have any ideas. Any thoughts and ideas are highly...
  10. miken

    What do SEO companies actually do?

    What do SEO companies actually do? In the past I have ever hired a SEO company do SEO for my sites, it seems not obvious about what they did, they would send you a report of keyword rankings on Google search results. This sounds a little like a newbie question doesn't it? However, I still...
  11. Hawker

    Does Refusing Analytics Data Sharing Effect SEO?

    When you're adding a new property to Analytics for the first time, on the new account page where you're asked for the URL etc, you're also asked if you want to share your details, information etc with Google products and services, for benchmarking, technical support and account specialists. Now...
  12. Nimit Suri

    What are the different Seo techniques you can use to build an online presence for an IT Company?

    In need help with this topic.I have been doing some research on how to increase online presence if you do seo for an IT Comapny or if you want to generate traffic for the same. But i didn't get any information on how to go about it.To Market an ecommerce website or a company which sells products...
  13. Dakoom

    Yoast SEO (WP) and links in keywords

    In Yoast SEO when you have a link in your keyword into the article you get a message that says to remove that link or the "article/page will not be indexed". Is this true? Why? Is there a specific reason for this?
  14. Marc0

    Will switching to https affect my SEO ranking and traffic?

    Hello, I have a site around 5000 pages indexed on Google search. I don't know or never done this in the past hence how it will happen if I change my website from http to https, will it affect my SEO ranking and traffic? If so, how to solve this problem without losing traffic and keyword...
  15. EpicGlobalWeb

    SEO Proxy API

    I'm just going to set this link right here: I'm not promoting this and I don't profit from it in any way. However, it is a very nice API for "proxifying" your software projects. PHP supported. Probably the most robust of libraries I personally know of for your web...
  16. rohan941

    How important is outbound links (OBL) for SEO?

    I've heard of people saying that too many OBL can interfere with the link juice and you can not have over 100 OBL, is this true?
  17. Marc0

    Does Facebook help SEO?

    Will having a Facebook account and fan page and getting lots of shares and likes to website. Do those links count as backlinks or not and also the URL in Facebook page help site's SEO?
  18. Marc0

    Why Google required H1 for on-page SEO?

    Hello Guys, More people are saying that H1 tag is important for on page SEO but why? why Google required H1 on your site? and what about H2, H3, H4? Do I need to include keywords in H1 on a webpage whether the high competition or low competition keyword? Thank you in advance.
  19. NahidHasan

    Two Link Building Mistakes Can Destroy Your SEO Campaign You Never Thought About

    We all know about bad backlinks. We all know how bad backlinks can harm our SEO campaign and can destroy organic rank. But bad backlinks are not all about. There are few other things can relatively harm you even you have a good link profile. Working just for Home Page: Directing all your links...
  20. Dopani

    Mobile theme or responsive design, which is better for SEO?

    Can you guys share your thoughts between Mobile theme and responsive theme, which is better for SEO? and why? thanks in advance.