1. Marc0

    Blogger with Own Domain for SEO?

    Could any one give me an advice, which SEO on a blogger with own domain or keeping the same URL from which Google gave me, then which is better? why? I am building a blogspot but I am getting confused about this.
  2. BillEssley

    First steps for Off page SEO?

    I know on page SEO like adding heading tags, anchor link for important keywords, meta tags SEO but I don't know more about Off page SEO? what are the FIRST steps for Off page SEO? thanks
  3. Laviskajoermoy

    What CMS is good for SEO?

    Hi everyone, I would like to know what CMS are you using and how is good for better SEO and better usability? Thanks
  4. LizaAryanna

    What is SEO Copywriting and how to do it?

    Hey guys, What is SEO Copywriting and how to do it? Does it help to improve site or keywords ranking?
  5. alexport

    Off-Page SEO Tips!

    Hey Guys, I need best OFF page SEO Tips for my website, It's new just completed and I want to have a little traffic from search engines. What tips would you suggest me apply now?
  6. ericplotz1

    The Power Of The Buffer Site | Learn SEO Without Worry

    I see a ton of people asking about SEO and what's safe, natural, unnatural, etc. etc. Look if you want to learn, start by building little mini sites called Web 2.0s. It's honestly the best and safest way to learn SEO. You're not going to yield the same results as buying an aged domain with...
  7. swstarone

    Seo Otimization for my phpbb forum

    Dear Sir I need an expert who can optimize my phpbb Forum.
  8. terrellbrewer

    How to have a perfect homepage for SEO and your Visitors?

    Hi everyone, In your opinion, which is better if you are setting for your homepage, a homepage with slider and products on top of page or a static page with latest blog posts and customer feedback on it? what things would you recommend to add to the homepage for better SEO and also your...
  9. ammumalar

    How SEO is related to web development ?

    Hello guys, Actually can you tell me how search engine optimization is related to web development.
  10. paulgl

    Is it required to have a blog for SEO better?

    Hey Guys, As title mentioned, I want to know on each website need to have a blog to SEO better? I will put it in sub directory like I checked some SEO tools and it said "you have a blog", just wondering that.
  11. S

    Effect of SEO on changing the date of Post in Wordpress?

    Hello Friends, I changed the date of one of my blog post in Wordpress after make some update to that post, so that the post will show as the latest post. So by changing the dates will effect on SEO or search engine ranking of that post ?? Please suggest me !! Thanks
  12. terrellbrewer

    SEO Tools for writing better content?

    Hey guys! I'm wondering if you used any SEO tools in order to write better content? I mean, other than Google trends and Google keyword suggestion tool. Do you give me any shares?
  13. Gustav

    What is impact on SEO in a mobile version of a website?

    Hi, I have questions about mobile SEO for a website I am concerned about the SEO aspect of this scenario. If I create a separate mobile version of the site, does it have a duplicate version of my website or not? The Google crawler will recognize it instantly. Can it lead to Google Penalty...
  14. rossdoherty

    Do long threads or replies on forums or Q&A sites, any SEO benefits?

    Hey Guys, I want to ask, if I do long threads or replies on forums or Q&A sites and having my links under them (signature or source link), does it have any SEO benefits? or just starting with one or two lines, It's enough for a post out there?
  15. Lucky!

    Common Mistakes in SEO

    We all know there are different ways to get ahead in the game of SEO. With so many different techniques, some good and bad, it can get confusing to know what techniques to avoid. I know in my past with forums and websites, I have come across some don'ts with SEO. Here are a few of my don'ts...
  16. Gustav

    SEO for facebook fan page?

    Hi, I would like to know that what to do for my facebook fan page to get ranked in first Google search results? I found some FB pages listed out there but I don't know what techniques they used, please share your suggestions?
  17. novandak

    Shared IP or Dedicated IP, Do they have any differences in SEO?

    Hey Guys, I would like to ask between Shared IP or Dedicated IP, do they have any differences in SEO? For a shared IP which hosted hundred of domains on a IP, it's different from a Dedicated IP, which is better for SEO? Any suggestions?
  18. U

    SEO service - massive rankings done with quality

    ultimateseo submitted a new resource: SEO service - massive rankings done with quality - SEO service - massive rankings done with quality Read more about this resource...
  19. paivadaniel

    Best internal link structures for SEO?

    Hey guys, I would like to know what is the best internal link structure for SEO? I should do internal links from blog posts content and how many internal links should I have on a blog article? Thanks in advance.
  20. James Hailey

    Hire a SEO agency or do SEO by myself, which is better?

    Hey there, I would like to hear your advice on how to do SEO for my blog, I should do SEO by my self or hiring a SEO agency to rank for it Which is better and why? Please share your honest answers. Thanks! James